31 July 2013

Cyber-bullying from Garcia to Napoles

Cyber bullying and online attacks started to target children of suspected and accused corrupt officials and their cohorts. The first victim is the son of Maj. General Carlos Garcia way back in 2009, now it is the turn of Janet Lim Napoles' daughter.

Garcia, a member of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1971, is currently serving a two-year jail sentence in the Philippines for perjury and failure to explain "significant discrepancies of his legitimate reported income."

Garcia’s wife, Clarita, has been under house arrest after posting a US$ 20,000 cash bond last June 2009. She is facing extradition proceedings for plunder along with her sons, Ian Carl, 30, Juan Paulo, 27 and Timothy Mark, 25.

The youngest son, Timothy Mark, was criticized way back in 2009 for continuously living a lavish lifestyle that hardly kept him off his favorite Gucci jacket, Yves Saint Laurent boots, and plush New York apartment.

In one blog post, Garcia was quoted as lamenting having to wear an ankle bracelet the US government uses to monitor his movements while under house arrest that "definitely dampers his glamorous lifestyle."

"It's uncomfortable. It hurts when I run at the gym… I can't even wear my knee high croc boots by Sergio Rossi for the fall. I had to make adjustments with my wardrobe," blogger Peter Davis quoted Garcia as saying.

Davis listed the items Garcia wore as follows: "a supple caramel leather Alessandro dell’Acqua jacket, Alexander McQueen jeans, a thin white LnA tee shirt and YSL boots. His wrists are adorned with a big Cartier gold and silver Tank watch, a Cartier Love bracelet, a white enamel Hermes bangle and a US$ 1000 dollar large gold plated spiked Hermes cuff called the Collier de Chien."

At present, while the Garcia children are operating way below the radar, the lifestyle of Jeanne Lim-Napoles are being put under the microscope. The mother, Janet Lim, is the woman at the center of the alleged PhP 10 billion pork barrel scheme.

Bloggers and online critics express disappointment that, while the country suffers from the unscrupulous utilization of congressional pork barrel, Jeanne Lim is fond of showing off an array of high-end designer products such as the Louis Vuitton Dress, YSL Pumps and Chanel Clutch she wore during the screening of the movie "Green Lantern" at the Chinese Mann Theater.

She also hit a sensitive nerve when she wore a Baby Pink Herve Leger Dress, Chanel Pumps and Black Chanel Clutch while posing with Hollywood celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Blake Lively and Justin Timberlake during the MTV music awards.

The young Napoles whose motto in life is: "amazingly enough I don't give a shit!" attracted a lot of attention when her online photos showed her in different social events from the US to France wearing expensive items. her blog entry with the following description was posted and criticize in local discussion forums:
"PARIS PARIS PARIS! :) every girl loves to go to Paris, the beautiful city, haute couture everywhere, exotic food, french boys, baguettes and some say the most romantic city but for me its the city where FASHION was born :) That is one of the main reasons why I started my gap year of traveling in Paris Eiffel Tower, and other more. I checked out the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre. I just love shopping in Paris! :) Louis Vuitton, HERMES, Goyard, CHANEL aahh i love bags, one of my weaknesses. Out of all the places i went to on my Eurotrip 2oo9 Paris is where i stayed the second longest next to London so it is probably one of the cities i memorized by heart."
One critic posted that, "(She) hope(s) this girl will develop a bit of shame and be guilty enough to return all the things she has been enjoying from ill-gotten gains meant for the betterment of her poor compatriots."

With no proof yet of their own guilt and participation in the alleged corruption, it's obvious that both Timothy Mark and Jeanne Lim deserve the benefit of understanding. They may be extravagant and ludicrous in their lifestyle, but with no real proof and hundreds of unproven conjectures floating around, they are still considered as victims of cyber-bullying.