07 July 2013

It's Not Pathetic, It's Survival

Gazmin and Onodera
I never understood the sense of nationalism of some critics who think that asking Americans and Japanese forces to aid us, in case of full-blown military encounter with China occurs, is a sign of weakness. Worse, they don’t even offer a concrete solution on how we can defend the country’s borders against a superpower who tries to flex its muscles in Asia.

When Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin announced that he is in favour of allowing American and Japanese military access to Philippine facilities to deter China's posturing in the South China Sea, some columnist called him pathetic.

Secretary Gazmin said in a news report that, "We cannot stand alone. We need allies. If we do not (seek allies), we will be bullied by bigger forces and that is what is happening now. China is already there, staying in our territory."

He was actually referring to the situation in Bajo de Masinloc, also known as Scarborough Shoal or Panatag, off Zambales which is no longer accessible to Filipino fishermen since April 2012 and Mischief Reef in the Spratlys , which was China occupied in 1995.

Based on the comparative advantage of China over Philippines, I agree with the majority rational minded Filipinos it saying that it is not ‘pathetic’ to ask for help. It is the right action and a practical solution taken in order to survive. Unless some of these critics want us to just roll over and lick our tails while the Chinese military slowly creep on our borders, constitutionality and sovereignty should not be a big issue here.

I don't see any of these critics taking up arms and defending the islands against the Chinese threat anyway so why bother listening to their daily rants on how our laws will be compromise with the arrival of American and Japanese forces.

So what if appear 'kawawa' in the face of world opinion? It's the truth anyway. We cannot hide the fact that we don't have advance weapon technology capable of coordinating both our offense and defense in all 7,000 plus island scattered all over this archipelago. We need help and we are asking for it.

The least these so-called Filipino critics and allegedly left-leaning pundits can do is support the Government in this time of crisis and not make it more complicated than it is. In short, unless you have a viable solution in mind, just shut up and let the experts do what needs to be done.