17 July 2013

Leave Our Toys Alone

Barbie Dolls
There was much talk recently about how the toy Barbie would look if it was made according to normal human proportions. Those radical feminists who want to take her out of the store shelf claimed a real live version would be curvier, shorter, and twice her size. Her breasts would be significantly less perky, her bottom would be heavier and her legs much shorter.

My question is, so what? This is a toy that kids want to play and they don’t give a hoot if Barbie has a grossly unrealistic body measurement of 36-18-33. Who cares if the real-live version would have problem walking and topple over because of her oversize boobs? Kids enjoy it as she is right now and many parents are not complaining even if Barbie is considered underweight in the real world.

For those who don't have any better to do than make an issue about Barbie dolls and body image among kids, let me ask you this: Do you think there is a great demand for dolls with realistic body measurements that will compel profit-seeking companies to mass produce them? I don't think so.

If these so-called gender-rights goddesses will be allowed to have their way, then all the three Power Puff Girls probably will not sport abnormally large eyes. Mickey Mouse will be on the most-wanted list among the pest-busters. Kungfu Panda will be the most violent animal on earth. Minions will not work 24-hours a day and demand their rights as union workers.

If your child believes that Barbie dolls look like the ideal woman, then educate them properly. Put more effort into it and help them distinguish what is real and what is fantasy. That is part of parenting. Don't blame the toys that we grew up for your failings as a mother or father.

We enjoyed playing with our G.I. Joes' high-powered weapons, Barbie Dolls' mini-skirts, Bratz's tiny cropped tops and Transformer's polymer arsenal of pantomime destruction. Our kids want the same thing. If you want to get a realistic doll for your kid, then look for one or make your own version, but leave our toys alone.