16 September 2013

Clarifying Russia's Gay Laws

Russian Duma
There were not that many people who are aware that Russia's lawmaking body, Duma, unanimously passed a law prohibiting adoption of Russian children by foreign single-sex couples last June 2013. Many look at this move as very symbolic. Along with the "gay propaganda" legislation that was passed on the same month, the law is really a declaration of the Russians stubborn independence from any western influence.

However, there are some gay activists who are trying to fan the fire where none exist. They tried to compare the current legislation to the Stalinist anti-Semitic campaign decades ago. In those years, people were afraid to go to Jewish doctors because they were supposedly inoculating patients with cancer.

As the journalist Alexander Timofeyevsky noted on his Facebook page: "Vilifying gays in Moscow in 2013 is the same as vilifying Jews in Moscow in 1949. Today's campaign against homosexuality is the new version of the campaign against Zionists. The authorities have identified homosexuality as the main weapon in the surreptitious foreign war to destroy the spiritual legacy and sovereignty of the homeland."

Unfortunately for them, only the blind radical rights believe their preposterous lies and deceitful arguments. For once, the law passed in Russia do not prohibit anybody from being gay. In fact, the age of consent to engage in homosexual activity is the same as for straight sex, and is lower than some states in the United States, where it is state-regulated. The law against homosexual propaganda explicitly says one cannot promote sexually explicit material advocating gay sex to children under the age of 17. Is that unfair? Do gay rights advocates want to lower the age limit?

Same-sex marriage is definitely not allowed in Russia, but can you really fault them for this? For everyone's information something like only 14 countries worldwide allow it. Russia is only one country in a hundred that does not support same-sex marriage so there is no need to single it out and make a mountain of arguments condemning their government.

Also, Russia is not forcing the public to accept its law whether they like it or not, because it is the right thing to do. Once they do that, the usual Russophobic - screechers would howl that the government was forcing its will on the people. It should be noted that there is pretty close to zero support for same-sex marriage in Russia, and the government would be foolish to force it through against their will, the way the French government did.

The United States Supreme Court may have legalized same-sex marriage in California and granted gay married couples access to hundreds of federal benefits, but it should be noted that majority of American States, 37 out of 50 to be exact still ban gay marriage. This is a fact that the Supreme Court chose not to challenge in their ruling.