29 September 2013

From MJ and Lucy to Molly

Molly Drugs
Most of the younger generation, the hip party-people and famous stars are always talking about Molly, but outside that group, only a few know what it really is. That is until two young people died after using it.

The sweet-sounding name belongs to an Ecstasy-like designer drug that is being blamed for the deaths of Olivia Rotondo, 20 and Jeffery Russ, 23, during the Electric Zoo music festival.

Reports said that there are four others who landed in intensive care and the three-day event – which attracts tens of thousands to see artists such as David Guetta – was cancelled ahead of its final day on last 1 September 2013 "due to serious health risks."

A New York Police Department spokeswoman told AFP the deaths appeared to be related to "a narcotic commonly known as Molly."

Molly is thought by many users to be a "pure" form of MDMA or Ecstasy, a hallucinogenic party drug which is often laced with dangerous substances.

"There is nothing pure about it at all," said Erin Mulvey, spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Agency's New York division.

She told AFP the drug was entirely synthetic, based on a stimulant called methylone which enters the country from places such as Canada, China or India and is turned into capsules or powder form to be snorted or ingested.

The name Molly was likened to the innocent-sounding name to nicknames used by previous generations such as Mary-Jane for marijuana or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for the psychedelic drug LSD. The harmless name was believed to be just another way distributors were trying to make their product enticing to teenagers and college kids.

So, from now on, if you kid tells you that they are out to see Molly, you better prepare yourself.