19 September 2013

No More Compulsory Reviews for Students

Review Centers
Finally. A news report that takes us away from the much-discussed pork-barrel scam to what ordinary students feel should have been done a long time ago.

President Benigno Aquino III has just signed a law that prevents profit-seeking schools from forcing students to enroll in review centers before taking professional licensure examinations. Republic Act No. 10609, otherwise known as "Protection of Students' Right to Enroll in Review Centers Act," seeks to protect students against abuses of higher educational institutions over their right to choose review centers.

Under the law, public and private colleges and universities can no longer compel students about to take professional licensure tests to enroll in a prescribed review center.

In the past years, there have been reports of schools requiring students to enroll with their partner review centers. The students were compelled to pay not only fees for the review but also packages for transportation, board and lodging.

The new law prohibits higher educational institutions from making review classes a prerequisite for graduation or completion of the course and withholding the transcript of scholastic records, diploma, certification or any essential document of the student.

Those violating the law will be suspended from office and their professional license revoked.

Liable school officials or employees such as deans, advisers or professors found guilty of violating any of the law’s provisions shall be imprisoned from six months and one day to six years and will be fined of PhP 750,000.

The Commission on Higher Education may also impose disciplinary sanctions against involved individuals.