26 November 2013

Aunts From Hell

Stop Child Abuse
If there is somebody that doesn't deserve to live another minute, it should be the child killers and abusers. There are no worse crime that to inflict pain and death on helpless children who can barely defend themselves, especially a two year old.

In Taguig City, a two year-old girl died after she was maltreated and beaten black and blue by her two aunts over the weekend. Her 7-year old brother was badly hurt, but was alive to tell authorities that abused they suffered from the two adults who who deserved to be put down in a low and painful death.

Police identified the victim as Justine Fabellon. She died at the Taguig-Pateros District Hospital from hematoma and severe contusions. Her elder brother Gaylord, 7, also suffered injuries and contusions from beatings by their aunts Kristine Pabellon, 25 and Irene Salazar, 48, both residents of Blk 26 Lot 4, Zamboanga St., Maharlika Village.

According to Gaylord, their aunts find them naughty and irritating and started maltreating them. He added that their aunts pinched and hit them with the hard plastic cover of a water drum before they were slapped and their heads were pushed to the ground.

The maltreatment went on as they were hit with slippers and hard objects. Furious Irene picked up Justine and throw her to the wall that caused the victim to vomit and become weak.

The suspects deny maltreating the young victims saying Justine died from dehydration.The pathetic excuse, however, fell on deaf ears and hopefully these two aunts from hell will fall under mysterious death as well.