22 November 2013

Gov. Singson and Daughter Criticized by Netizens

Singson and his Ducks
The more they try to defend their actions, the more they get buried in their own mess. This is what is happening right now to former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson and his daughter Richelle.

Both father and daughter defended their hunting of the rare and endemic Philippine Ducks, which has drawn intense criticism from the birding community, by claiming in a statement sent to GMA News Online that the killings of the protected species occurred overseas.

"The photo was not even taken in the Philippines. I had to take the photo down because of the influx of comments that were very mean to my family, even to my one-year-old son," said Richelle Singson-Michael.

Unfortunately, it appears that it was a poorly-thought of excuse. If you look at the pictures she had posted earlier on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts, she claimed that the killings occurred "somewhere in Ilocos." Caught lying through her teeth?

Orange crowns and other distinctive features mark the birds as unmistakable Philippine Ducks. "The ducks have stripes across the eyes a la Cleopatra. Girls describe it as eyeliners," said Mike Lu, a former president of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

Wildlife biologist Carmela EspaƱola of the University of the Philippines' Institute of Biology added that it would have been impossible for the Singsons to shoot that many Philippine Ducks anywhere else but the Philippines.

If expert opinion on this issue appeared pretty mild, online critics are not so forgiving.

A poster using the name "Psywar" said,
HA HA HA! Funny and irritating at the same time . . .

"My Dad is an animal lover"

Indeed, Singson is an animal lover 'coz he loves himself so much as if he is the king of the animal kingdom.

"... He is a good Dad and leads a good example in telling his kids right from wrong."

Yah! Singson is a good example, of doing very bad and illegal things. Way to go DADDY Chavit...

"He would never promote anything illegal even for bonding purposes,"

Right again! Singson will not promote anything illegal, that is if it won't benefit him...
Potato said,
Manang-mana sa pulitikong tatay. Nagsisinungaling kahit nabisto na. Overseas pala ha eh nagcomment ka pang "somewhere in Ilocos." Anong tingin mo sa mga netizens boplaks? Di niyo na mauuto ang mga tao.
A commenter named Epherjenny said,
Sinungaling talaga.... sa ibang bansa daw nakunan ung pics at dun namaril ng mga pobreng bibe.... Shongaaa!!!!! Eh ano yung pinost mo sa FB? Yan ba tinuro sa yo ng ama mo? Ang magsinungaling pag nakorner na kahit mas naunang nahuli yung totoo? Kapal mo rin day!

Oh yeah, your dad taught you well... reason why you are now good in lying, and your brother is a drug addict... clap clapan na!!! Nawa di ka pamarisan ng anak mo....
And finally, Citi Zen offered his own thoughts,
Ah yes...

To be caught lying in an official public statement...

"The photo was not even taken in the Philippines." vs "It's somewhere in Ilocos :)..."

She even implicated her father in the lie: "She added in her email that her statement was approved by her father."

Great job!

I am eager to find out what her next move is... Will she finally own up to her actions????