25 January 2014

Can't Fix It? Ban It!

Riding in Tandem
"If you can't stop the indirect effect, ban it." This is what appears to be the basic mantra of some local government units (LGUs) who can't get their acts together to stop the crimes committed by "riding-in-tandems", motorcycle riding perpetrators.

With the rise of crimes done by mobile criminals operating in pairs, which range from robberies to murder, Metro Manila's LGUs have been tasked to implement necessary measures that would curb these incidents. Instead of addressing their ineptitude and complacency by hiring more motorized police patrols with high-tech equipment, the city of Manila seeks to ban two persons from riding the motorcycles together.

The easy way out mentality and head scratching attitude was not lost to some motorcycle drivers who called on the move as "discriminatory."

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chair Etta Rosales also shared her concerns about the suggested measures. "Riding-in-tandem in itself is not a crime." Rosales also added that the rights of motorcycle riders have to be respected when they're being scrutinized at checkpoints. She reiterated, "Police lang dapat ang nag-che-checkpoint. Hindi ang military."

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said it will intensify the efforts of its motorcycle tactical riders unit and add more checkpoints all over Metro Manila.

In related development, the Quezon City government wants to require motorcycle riders to wear vests with the license plate number of their vehicles printed on it. However, if you are about to commit a crime, would you put the real license plate on your vest or use a fake one instead?