26 March 2014

LGBT's Need to Complain About Something

Ellen Page Lesbian
For the past several months, a number of television personalities have “come out” as being gay, to the collective yawn of everyone.

Last year, singer Charice Pempengco who styled herself in a Justin Bieber-Daniel Padilla look-alike hair-wise when she came out as a lesbian in an emotionally televised interview. There was also this announcement by Michael Sam, a Missouri defensive player, who said that he is gay. Then 26-year old and "Juno" star, Ellen Page has come out as gay in an emotional speech at the Human Rights Campaign's Time to THRIVE Conference on Valentine's Day.

Why are all of them coming out and wants us to hear about it? Many even believed that it was a "courageous" move only to realize later that "coming out" isn't courageous at all because these people who come out are finding they are not being treated any differently afterwards than they were before. And why should they even receive any kind special treatment?

Well, the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) activists have to complain about something to justify their meagre existence. And as always seize on some small number of idiots (on the left and the right) who are making disparaging comments about these people who have "come out," in a desperate play to make it appear that gays are an oppressed class of people when they are not.

Anybody with a common sense can see that their claim of systematic oppression is as tenuous at best. They are prevented from publicly protesting is Russia, but is this treatment any different from those that are protesting to demand a separate state? If they can’t accept the way the anti-gay propaganda law is being implemented, then they should not engage in gay advocacy or just move to the United States, a simple solution really.

If you think really hard about it, these gays, in general, enjoy high levels of success as a community and there is no one systematically denying them rights because they’re just people like everyone else. For crying out loud, if you want to be identified based on your accomplishments and the way you help others in this world, you don’t have to wear your sexuality on your sleeves.

Being homosexual is not an accomplishment any more than being a heterosexual is an accomplishment. If the media wants to drumbeat the coming out of Ellen Page as a lesbian, why not give equal coverage to the our neighbor who told us last night that he is as straight as an arrow.