10 March 2014

Prayers for the Missing MH370 Passengers

Missing MH370
If there is still the slightest of hope, people should not give up easily and cling to that small chance that their relatives are still alive and well.

This is what thousand of people, many from Southeast Asia, tried to do for three days after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was reported missing. However, as hours and minutes drag on concerns and worries increase over the fate of the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people onboard.

More than 24 hours into the search for the plane, which was last detected in the South China Sea, many remain hopeful that the plane can still be found, and they are dedicating their prayers to the passengers and crew on board the flight. Photos with the words "Pray for MH370" have been shared widely.

However, frustrations are growing as no signs of wreckage have been found even after an overnight search. Following a press conference led by Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Chief Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman on Sunday morning to give an update, many netizens felt that he was being too "defensive", subsequently arousing suspicions that the authorities might be hiding more information from the public.

There are several theories circulating as well and many of them centered on the alleged passengers aboard the flight travelling with a stolen passport. However, with no concrete evidence thus far, it would be too early to tell if some of these theories even have a semblance of truth to them. It may be wise to avoid spreading unconfirmed reports for now to show respect to the relatives of the missing passengers.