28 April 2014

A Transgender Man Wants to Play Woman Sports

Transgender Man
This story is a classic example of a person who really thinks full of himself or herself, whichever case 'it' wants to be classified.

There was a transgender woman in Northern California who just sued the company behind the popular CrossFit workouts for refusing to let her compete in the female division of its annual fitness competitions.

The lawsuit brought recently by Chloie Jonsson, 34, accuses CrossFit Inc. of violating her rights under a California law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Jonsson's complaint says she was born male but has been living as a woman since she was a teenager and underwent sex reassignment surgery eight years ago. The surgery, coupled with the female hormones she takes, satisfied the state's requirements for her to be recognized as female on her birth certificate and other official documents.

Her lawyer, Waukeen McCoy, said Jonsson, who works as a personal trainer and is an avid CrossFit practitioner, first spoke to company representatives about her background a year ago after a teammate learned that participants in the Reebok CrossFit Games were required to register according to their gender at birth.

In short, he or she knows that it was already mentioned in the rule books that you have to register what was given to you at birth. There are no ifs and buts. It is there as clear as the anybody with rational mind can see. If it was stated in the rules, why insist on joining then? To get publicity?

"They said she has an advantage over other women because of the sex she was born with, and that is completely untrue, scientifically," McCoy said, noting that the International Olympic Committee and other sports governing bodies allow athletes who have undergone surgery, taken hormones and secured legal recognition to compete in the category that corresponds to their affirmed gender.

CrossFit's general counsel, Dale Saran, would not comment on the lawsuit, which seeks US$ 2.5 million in damages. Saran directed The Associated Press to a CrossFit online discussion board, where he posted that Jonsson had never supplied medical documents to back up her assertion that she was a woman. He also dismissed McCoy's suggestion that transgender athletes are engaged in a struggle as valid as the one black baseball players waged to be accepted in the major leagues.

"The fundamental, ineluctable fact is that a male competitor who has a sex reassignment procedure still has a genetic makeup that confers a physical and physiological advantage over women," Saran wrote in a letter to McCoy that's linked to the discussion board. "That Chloie may have felt herself emotionally, and very conscientiously, to be a woman in her heart, and that she ultimately underwent the legal and other surgical procedures to carry that out, cannot change that reality."

Analyzing the arguments made by both McCoy and Saran, it is clear who is really in it for the money. It is also clear that whatever you do to prepare your self emotionally, physiologically and dumbly, you are still what you were at the time of your birth. The X and Y chromosomes are here to stay and no witchcraft or dildo tinkering can change that.

However, if you have a friend who was tall, slender and gorgeous, but is now living as a fat, balding and out-of-shape blob, ask them to call McCoy to represent them in suing Hollywood for not hiring your friend as the next supermodel. In fact, sue everyone because your friend was not able to get a job as a product endorser. Just make sure that your friend knows how to answer properly on why they can relate more closely to their thin and good-looking self than they do the Michelin man with triple-layers of chin. It's a quick way to earn a living while living as an overweight, lazy and obese person.