05 April 2014

Are RTU Students Becoming Abusive?

Abusive RTU Students
Twin reports on hate crimes and abusive behavior just put the quality of students at the Rizal Technological University (RTU) in question. It speaks a lot about the proper discipline or lack of it that prevails in the hearts of the younger generation studying in the Mandaluyong City school as well as put into question the security measures and responsive policies that the administration has adopted.

The first report was about a young professor who, for reasons still not clear, was physically harassed by a group of ill-mannered RTU students and the pathetic response time of the security force employed by the university:

A professor at the Rizal Technological University (RTU) in Mandaluyong City was manhandled and threatened by a group of students allegedly over jealousy yesterday.

Jonathan Castañeda, single, of 4 Silanganan St., Bgy. Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City, told police that the suspects, led by Patrick de Guzman, Hynzel Nobleza, Ivan Korjevich de Joya, all Engineering and Information Technology students at RTU, ganged up on him.

Castañeda said the incident took place at 9:00 P.M. at the main gate of RTU after class dismissal.

He said he was on his way home when he noticed his beautiful former student Melody Pano, who was also apparently on her way home, walking out of the gate, together with the suspects.

He said he greeted Pano, who in turn politely greeted him back with a smile.

He said he was surprised when De Guzman, who appeared as Pano’s boyfriend, suddenly confronted him apparently out of jealousy.

"P... ina mo, wala akong pakialam kung professor ka...gusto mo square tayo!?" Castañeda quoted De Guzman as saying while shouting to the surprised other students and bystanders at the gate.

Castañeda said it was at this point that Nobleza and De Joya held him in both arms and dragged him to the dark portion of the road just outside the gate.

However, he said the suspects, together with Pano, immediately left when security guards of the school, apparently alerted on the commotion, rushed to the scene.
The other incident also occured within the school premises and cast doubt on the policy of the school to let non-students enter with no other official business other than to help scare some students.
Jackielyn Hismillo, RTU student, of Bgy. Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, filed complaint of threat against her classmate Cristel de Veyra and the suspect’s aunt, Lorelie de Veyra.

Hismillo told police that she and her other classmates, identified as Regine Maila Gonzales, 21, Darly Caluscusin, 21, and Rolando dela Cruz, were in a classroom when Cristel and her aunt came and for unclear reasons threatened her.

"Huwag kang lalabas ng classroom... baka mapatay ka namin," Hismillo quoted the two as saying while walking back and forth at the corridor and angrily staring at her.

She said the suspects left when she was able to call help from barangay authorities through her cellphone.
The question now is, what has the officials of RTU say about these twin incidents? What action were taken against the accused and what counter measures were adopted to prevent this abusive behavior from repeating itself?