11 April 2014

Baguio Child Killer Deserves The Most Painful

Suspect: Philip Avino
This is another senseless crime committed against children and whose motive is as flimsy as blaming onions for making you cry during a sad movie.

The gruesome scene occurred on last 6 April 2014 in Baguio City. The casualty: five persons, including three minors.

Police director Sr. Supt. Rolando Miranda identified the fatalities as student Jackelyn Kale Nociete, 19; her brother Joey Nociete Jr., 9; their housemaid Jonalyn Lozano, and Joey’s playmates Dave John de Guzman, 9, and Raymond del Mundo, 8.

All of the victims sustained multiple stab wounds. Jacqueline, a student, had 18 stab wounds; Joey was stabbed 14 times; Lozano 12 times; De Guzman eight times; and Del Mundo five times. They were all declared dead on arrival at the Baguio City General Hospital and Medical Center.

The killing occurred before 6:30 P.M. in a rented unit of the Nocieta family at the 4th floor of Chan Building, 3rd Kayant St., Kayang Hilltop, Baguio City.

Vilma Nociete, mother of Jackelyn and Joey, said her daughter and son texted her at 5:00 P.M. saying that they have angry visitors looking for their father. She rushed to their unit but was shocked to see the victims bathing in blood.

Police are hunting now down the suspect identified as Philip Tolentino Avino a.k.a. "Michael Geronimo," between 31 and 33 years old, a market porter, originally from Sta. Mesa, Manila. A PhP 100,000 bounty was already placed on his head and, hopefully, more will be added later.

Avino was tagged as the former live-in partner of a waitress employed by the Nociete family, said Miranda. The waitress, who requested that she not be named, identified the suspect through the bloodied short pants and belt he left at the crime scene. She added that the belt was a gift from her.

Miranda said a manhunt is under way. He believes that the suspect has fled to Cubao in Quezon City.

It was the worst recorded crime in the city, according to Public Information Officer Senior Superintendent Andrew Cayad.

"The last time a gruesome crime happened here was in 2008 when a man killed three people after a quarrel with his girlfriend," said Cayad.

The motive is still unclear and nobody can really say what prompted the suspect to include innocent children in his murderous rampage. However, some say that whatever his reasons are is not important anymore. Once he killed the children, the suspect lost his chance to explain his side in the matter.

Hence, to save taxpayer's money, somebody should deliver justice to the suspect's doorsteps in the most painful way possible.
The suspect surrendered to Vice Mayor Isko Moreno on 8 April 2014.

The surrender came after Moreno talked to Barangay chairwoman Chit Tolentino and SPO3 Jeff Sta. Ana, who are the aunt and brother of the suspect, Philip Avinio, alias Michael.

The suspect was found in a bus station along EDSA, wearing a hooded jacket. Manila police immediately arrested the suspect, who denied having anything to do with the massacre.

"Nasa bus na po ako nun, paluwas dito, nung nangyari ang krimen," Avinio said.