21 April 2014

Empty Threats from a Skirmisher of P-Noy's Convoy?

Lancer Evolution
The motoring scene is all abuzz again, no thanks to a news report from Lynda Jumilla of ABS-CBNNEWS.com about an alleged ‘half-craze’ driver who tried successfully to weave in and out the convoy of President Benigno Aquino III.

The highest official of the land was heading for Manila after inspecting the international airport terminals when the incident happened.

A source of ABS-CBNNEWS.com said a certain Jeffrey Roxas-Chua, who was driving a red 2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with license plate UWI 797, first tried to overtake the vehicle of the Presidential Communication and Operations Office (PCOO), forcing the PCOO driver to slow down and give way.

Two police cars tried to block Roxas-Chua from cutting in the convoy, but the latter managed to outdrive them. He then wove in and out of the other vehicles until he reached the President's car and overtook it.

A cop aboard a motorcycle flagged down Roxas-Chua and issued him a ticket for reckless driving, noting he was going much faster than the 100 kilometers per hour allowed on the Skyway. Roxas-Chua, however, allegedly got mad and demanded to know the name of the policeman, who answered that he was with the presidential escorts and that his name was on the ticket itself.

Roxas-Chua then allegedly told the policeman: "Kay Presidente pala kayo ha. Ganyan pala. Humanda ka pag naging presidente si Binay o si Erap. Ipatatanggal kita."

Unfortunately for this driver who appeared unintelligent to know what national security means, Manila City Development Information Office chief Diego Cagahastian said former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada does not know Roxas-Chua. Also, the spokesperson of Vice President Jejomar Binay, Joey Salgado, also said Binay has no links to Roxas-Chua.

With no options left to defend the allegations, the Urdaneta village resident told Top Gear Philippines that he has "a very juicy video" of what happened.

"Whatever the media said that I said, is truly false. Have hard evidence to prove it (video). It's actually a very juicy video. I'm not the type to name-drop people I do not know," he told the automotive magazine.

But where is this video he is talking about? The incident was reported on 16 April 2014 and it is now the 21st of the month and still no video being released to the public. Are they still busy trying to make one? Is he trying to say that the public should believe his claim without proof as against the reports made by a veteran journalist? He is really full of himself.