25 April 2014

Getting Her Child Back from Josecarlo Yap

Return the Baby
While everyone is preoccupied with the impending arrest of businessman Cedric Lee and La Sallian Deniece Cornejo, another La Sallian is also trying to wage her own legal battles sans the overwhelming media coverage.

Journal Online reported that Nicole Tracey Sy Wong is still trying to get her daughter back from her former partner and his family.

The complete news report is written below:

Nicole Tracey Sy Wong is waiting for the authorities to arrest her former partner Josecarlo Anton R. Yap so she can have her baby back. Josecarlo is the son of educator Antonio S. Yap, founder of the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation, and dermatologist Dr. Ma. Veronica R. Yap.

Nicole believes that Josecarlo and his parents are keeping her daughter from her.

A warrant of arrest has been issued by the Regional Trial Court Branch 194 of ParaƱaque City in Special Proceedings Case No. 13-0099 against Josecarlo. A PhP 100,000 reward has been offered for anybody who can give information that could lead to his arrest.

The arrest warrant was issued by Judge Marie Grace Javier Ibay on 22 November 2013 after Josecarlo failed to appear in court and bring the child.

On 5 November 2013, Josecarlo was summoned to bring the child to court and show cause for holding the minor but he defied the order. On 31 October 2013, the Court of Appeals granted Nicole’s petition for habeas corpus of her daughter.

In her petition dated 25 October 2013, Wong said she and Josecarlo became a couple in January 2010.

Wong was then a 20-year-old literature student in De La Salle University while Josecarlo was already a graduate from the same university. The complainant gave birth in 22 October 2011. However, she was not in good terms with her parents who disapproved of her relationship with Josecarlo.

The young mother left her family on 2 November 2011 and stayed in the houses of the Yaps in Pasig and Pampanga.

Wong claimed she was battered with criticisms by Josecarlo family regarding the way she ate, acted, wore clothes and her parenting skills. She added that she lost her self worth and esteem.

Wong alleged that Josecarlo verbally and physically assaulted her. At one time, he allegedly called her stupid and hit her in the stomach as he reportedly did not like the way she replied to him.

In August 2012, Josecarlo allegedly flew to China to study a language course. He reportedly told Wong that he had a new girlfriend.

Wong looked for a job and found one at a brokerage firm. Since she could not support her daughter yet, she left her child in the hands of the Yap family and rented a room in Mandaluyong in 4 July 2013.

On 3 August 2013, Wong got her daughter from the Yap family, but was told by Veronica to return the child after a day. Wong was reportedly advised to wean her daughter slowly from the Yap family. She agreed to avoid discord.

Josecarlo reportedly insisted that their daughter be raised by his family. After that argument, Nicole reportedly failed to see her daughter again.

Wong was forced to resort to legal means including filing a petition for habeas corpus for her baby.

In her petition, Wong claimed Josecarlo has no legal right to maintain custody of their daughter or prevent her from keeping the child in her company.

The court granted Wong’s petition on 31 October 2013.

Nicole is still waiting to be reunited with her young daughter as of press time.