27 May 2014

Racist Singaporeans Should Be Ashamed

Phil Independence Celebration
Is Singapore becoming a dangerous place for Filipinos? It appears that way after the supposed plan to celebrate the 116th Philippine Independence Day received a lot of discriminatory comments from very racist Singaporeans.

The Pilipino Independence Day Council (PIDC) Singapore initially decided to organize a celebration at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, in the middle of Singapore's busy shopping belt, but their choices received a harsh backlash from a few ‘trolls.’

Spearheaded by the Facebook page 'Say "No" to an overpopulated Singapore', some Singaporeans began to protest against their event. Primarily, the small group of haters objected the promotional material for the event that included an image of Singapore's skyline, and the use of the terms "interdependence" and "two nations". Furthermore, they are also objecting to the fact that the celebration will be in public space, rather than in the Philippines embassy.

Several sensible Singaporeans are really dumbfounded by the flimsy excuses that few xenophobes in their ranks are trying to stir. Kirsten Han, who is a Singaporean blogger, journalist and filmmaker, explained the event clearly to the fascist Singaporeans:,
"The event is not about the Philippines trying to exert political control over Singapore. "Two Nations, One Community" is not a Filipino political statement; it's just a theme for this celebration they are holding, to indicate that Singaporeans are welcome if we would like to join in. Mentions of "interdependence" are not about trying to colonize Singapore. The protesters' arguments are as hollow as they are disgusting."
What happened to the Singaporeans of the past that are generous in spirit and welcome visitors in their midst?

How would Singaporeans feel if British netizens had spammed their website, and abused Singaporeans living in Britain?

How can Singaporean who are thuggish in their behavior bully their fellow Asian neighbors and yet come out and support Bastille Day or Fourth of July public celebrations in Singapore, even though both are national/independence days for France and the USA respectively?

Is Singapore becoming like Rwanda when a few racist called on their fellow Singaporean to show up in combat gear and harassed the Filipinos (similar to what the Hutus did to the Tutsis two decades ago)?

I guess only majority of Singaporeans who are ashamed of the blatant display of xenophobia can answer these questions.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has a commendable message to the few troublemakers. He said that Singaporeans "must treat people in Singapore the way we ourselves expect to be treated overseas. Otherwise we will lower our standing in the eyes of the world, and have every reason to be ashamed of ourselves."

Unfortunately, discriminating Singaporeans did not heed the Prime Minister's request. The latest reports said that the organizers of the event have their original plans and cancelled the activity in a busy Singapore shopping district.

In a statement sent to AFP, police said organizers had withdrawn their application to hold the event at the Ngee Ann City shopping complex.

"This follows police's advice that there are public order and safety concerns with the venue proposed by PIDC," police said.