08 May 2014

Rolito Go Was Almost Released

Rolito Go
I just read a report saying that the Muntinlupa court has ordered the release of convicted murderer Rolito Go. It was Superintendent Fajardo Lansangan of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) maximum-security compound that confirmed he did received the court order from Judge Guerrero at 4:04 P.M. last 2 May 2014.

However, Go’s release was allegedly being held for further evaluation by the Department of Justice (DOJ). What is not clear is the reason behind the release.

"We are not sure of the basis of the court’s order, but the Bureau of Correction received it," Lansangan told The STAR.

According to an ABS-CBNnews.com source, Go has been ordered release "after reportedly serving his full sentence."

If my memory serves me right, a San Juan court convicted Go in 1993 to serve 40 years in prison for killing De La Salle University student Eldon Maguan in a road rage incident in 1991. After his conviction, Go escaped from jail and was recaptured in 1996.

Now, 40 years means he should be released on 2033 and not 2014. Forty years means four-zero years and not twenty-one years. Did I miss anything in the new order of Judge Guerrero? Is my math wrong?

Go, a known construction magnate, encountered Maguan the then 25 years old, while he was driving along Wilson Street in Greenhills, San Juan. Wilson was a one-way street and Go was counter-flowing, driving in the opposite direction. A heated exchange ensued that led to go shooting Maguan in the head.

In 2011, a television network exposed that Go left the NBP without permission. A year later, he was reportedly missing again in the state penitentiary and was captured days later.

Fortunately for the public, the Office of the Solicitor General was able to file an appeal before Guerrero’s sala on 5 May 2014.

"He cannot be released yet because there is a pending appeal," Lansangan said in Filipino.