10 June 2014

10 Straight Friendly States in the US

Friendly States
After compiling information from various travel sites and feedback from tour operators, here is a possible top 10 places in the United States for straight people, taking into account property prices and the best-performing school districts. The ranking also did not take into consideration the current legal tussle of each state against same-sex marriages.

Conveniently, the contenders also happen to be great areas to live in terms of location, local attractions, and activities.

Here is a list of the 10 places.
  1. Orange County, California

    Standout school district: Irvine United

    School district rating: 9.2

    Median price per square foot: US$ 328

    Aside from the prime tourist attraction that is Disneyland in Anaheim, Orange County also boasts gorgeous beaches and a variety of water sports and outdoor activities, garnished with an unbeatable Mediterranean climate.
  2. Boston area, Massachusetts

    Standout school district: Lexington

    School district rating: 9.7

    Media price per square foot: US$ 321

    Nestled between elite centers of higher education, boasting a standout national history, and hosting numerous beloved sports teams, Boston is a multifaceted city that offers a mêlée of interests and weekend activities.
  3. Seattle area, Washington

    Standout school district: Mercer Island

    School district rating: 9.3

    Media price per square foot: US$ 295

    Seattle offers the best of both worlds: an urban setting with phenomenal architecture and a surrounding mountain range for those adventure-packed weekends.
  4. Dallas area, Texas

    Standout school district: Highland Park Independent

    School district rating: 9.2

    Media price per square foot: US$ 287

    This metropolis is stocked with a variety of art museums, Texas cultural centers, and, of course, some of the best steak in the nation.
  5. Westchester County, New York

    Standout school district: Briarcliff Manor Union Free

    School district rating: 9.9

    Media price per square foot: US$ 250

    This lovely suburban county conveniently wraps around New York City and less-developed areas along the Hudson River, offering a plethora of outdoor activities at all times and a quick trip to the Big Apple for a weekend getaway.
  6. Austin area, Texas

    Standout school district: Eanes Independent

    School district rating: 9.0

    Media price per square foot: US$ 207

    Apart from the historic state capital building and the soothing natural limestone pool at Barton Springs, Austin is also host of one of the country’s biggest music festivals, South by Southwest, which each year features a long list of talented big- and small-name acts, attracting music lovers from all over the nation.
  7. Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania

    Standout school district: Tredyffrin/Easttown

    School district rating: 9.2

    Media price per square foot: US$ 177

    While the Liberty Bell is the first attraction that comes to mind, Philadelphia offers an astounding architectural setting filled with art museums, jazz centers, and eclectic districts.
  8. Portland area, Oregon

    Standout school district: Lake Oswego

    School district rating: 9.6

    Media price per square foot: US$ 167

    Make sure to bring your hiking boots! Portland and Oregon in general offer some of the nation’s most gorgeous mountain ranges and outdoor settings. But if you want to take a break from hiking for a weekend, fear not — the city is also known for its downtown art scene and local food culture.
  9. Chicago area, Illinois

    Standout school district: Geneva Community Unit

    School district rating: 9.4

    Media price per square foot: US$ 123

    A city of good food, great art, music venues, and peculiar architecture, Chicago has something to offer for everyone.
  10. Minneapolis area, Minnesota

    Standout school district: Westonak Public Schools

    School district rating: 9.6

    Media price per square foot: US$ 112

    The City of Lakes owes its nickname to the 22 natural lakes surrounding it, creating a gorgeous backdrop to the vibrant city. Architecturally, it also boasts miles and miles of glass-enclosed skyways, which are particularly beautiful when traversed in the winter.