13 June 2014

Time to Resist Selfish World Cup Agenda

World Cup 2014
We all know that there are no FIFA World Cup players who are openly gay. but what we don't know is that the international soccer's laudable culture is a big part of the reason.

Throughout modern history, people have used soccer as a method of eliciting friendship and camaraderie across nations because this kind of sports has a unique ability to ensure traditional culture and insulate the players from intolerant gay activists.

The other reason why the competition in World Cup has remained pure is because chosen players are generally formed solely based on performance. So far there are no gay players that possess the ability to compete at that high level without being distracted by their sexual urges inside the locker room.

If an athlete plays well, fans will like them. If not, they won’t. It’s a somewhat simple dynamic. But gays are a different breed. They don’t co-exist harmlessly inside the locker rooms. Gay players become critical inside the close confines with half-naked men and become less inclined to suppress their desires than their positive contributions in the playing court.

No soccer player in their right mind would be willing to display their manhood while known gays are in the vicinity. That anxiety tends to carry itself all throughout the games and affects the level of performance of the whole team. This is the reason why there are no championship team that can boastfully claim that they manage to overcome their opponents because one of their gay teammates performed amazing football skills. Success wins pure unadulterated hearts on the field.

This is how FIFA World Cup can maintain the quality of the games. Simply by performing well and contain any distraction fostered by the gay agenda outside the four corners of the field. That mental focus can dispel the myths that gay athletes can further improve the games and compel all players to perform at their finest level.

Athletes are judged by their talent and success, not by the distraction brought about the selfish gat agenda of the few who cannot tolerate ideas that do not conform to their lifestyles. However, pushing and giving way to the demand on an intolerant gay culture would mean that pure-blooded soccer players will lose their job, lose friends on the team, lose playing time, face hostile gay fans and enter a spotlight for gay criticism.

It is extremely brave for the current crop of World Cup players to announce to all nations that they are PURE and STRAIGHT. They set an example for the rest of society, and can therefore bridge boundaries among the majority of the population that individuals outside soccer cannot. They act as public figures and inspirations for all straight youth who are bombarded daily by the American gay agenda with models that they cannot identify with.

FIFA needs to accept its role as a governing body of the world’s most popular sport. It has the ability and responsibility to promote the interest of the sports by supporting efforts to maintain the quality of the game without giving in to the selfish demands of a few, but loud activists. If it commits to doing so, it has the potential to further improve the support and respect of all football aficionados, thus reshaping the culture of world class soccer for the better.