21 July 2014

Gay Activism's Best Kept Secret

Gay's Secret
Gay activists groups are so proud of one of their leaders that they considered him to be a living "gay right" legend. His name many not ring a bell at this time, but Larry Brinkin made sure that he is destined to be famous in a not so flattering way.

Brinkin is a career lawyer and a homosexual activist who was crowned by the homosexual community when he led the effort to legalize same-sex "marriage" in California. He is also the man that was making US$ 135,000 per year working for the human rights commission in San Francisco. As a matter of fact, the board of supervisors even established a "Larry Brinkin Week" in February of 2010 in his honor.

But did you know that The San Francisco Weekly reported:
"Larry Brinkin, San Francisco's well-known gay rights activist, appeared in court this afternoon where he pleaded not guilty to six felony charges of sending and receiving images of child pornography. The charges came three months after Brinkin, 66, was first arrested by San Francisco police, who claim he had been using the e-mail address zack3737@aol.com to view images of children as young as perhaps 1-year-old being sodomized by and performing oral sex on adult men, accompanied by highly racist commentary".

"Comments included, 'I loved especially the n@#*er 2-year-old getting nailed. Hope you'll continue so I can see what the little blond b@#*h is going to get. White Power! White supremacy! White Dick Rules!'"

"On 8 May 2012, the SFPD was contacted regarding Brinkin’s alleged illegal activity. Investigators secured a search warrant on his home where he lives with his husband and son. They seized items from his house, including computers, videos, VHS tapes and a floppy disc. Police later determined Brinkin received emails and sent two reply emails containing child pornography. However, the DA did not file charges, and Brinkin was released on bail."

"Then on 8 August 2012, the SFPD seized additional computers belonging to Brinkin, which allegedly contained dozens of images of child pornography, according to the DA. On Sept. 20, police arrested Brinkin again and booked him on child pornography charges."

"After the first arrest, police lodged a second list of charges in September based on new evidence. Brinkin was charged with four counts of possessing child pornography and two counts of distributing it, which is even more serious."
Brinkin was sentenced on March 2014 to a year's detention, with six months served in county jail and six months home detention where he will have to wear an ankle monitor, Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian said. He will also be on five years of supervised probation with a search condition. The search condition allows that his property, including his computers or any electronic device, can be searched during the duration of his probation.

So maybe you are asking yourself like I am, why was there no special mention of this case in major national dailies or even in Yahoo! US? We can only speculate at this time, but it could have been because of people in power that wants to protect Brinkin and efforts by the gay movement to downplay the real reason why their leaders want to have equal rights.

Maybe it is worth noting that Brinkin is a close associate of State Sen. Mark Leno, another homosexual and dedicated gay-rights activist, who has for many years kept the laws in California soft on child molesters and child pornography.

In 2006, Leno opposed the efforts of Republican Sharon Runner to toughen up the law on child-sex offenders. He wanted the law to act only in cases of possession of more than 100 items of child pornography. An item could be defined as a CD or USB stick containing thousands of images of rape or violence to children. Leno opposed the introduction of a statewide GPS tracking system for all molesters and opposed any increase in prison time for those convicted.

To further soften the impact of Brinkin's lust for children and divert the issue away from the gay agenda, Theresa Sparks, an admirer of Larry Brinkin and the executive director of the Human Rights Commission in San Francisco, said that the community was stunned after Brinkin’s initial arrest; at the time Sparks said that these allegations are "beyond hard to believe."

"It’s almost incredulous; there’s no way I could believe such a thing. [H]e's always been one of my heroes, and he's the epitome of human rights activist – this is man who coined phrases we use in our daily language."