30 July 2014

'Sorry' Should Not Excuse Crimes Against Children

Child Abuse
Two cases of blatant child abuse happened last 29 July 2014. As if the two incidents are not serious enough, no charges or appropriate cases were taken by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) because most of the employees are allegedly enjoying their holiday.

Can anybody explain how an agency tasked to protect the most vulnerable sectors of society not designate personnel that could take action whenever it is called for?

The first abuse was captured clearly in a CCTV of one of the barangays in Caloocan. A 5-year old girl was dragged and beaten through the streets by no other than her mother. One witness even reported that the perpetrator banged the head of a defenseless child in the glass wall.

When the witness confronted the overweight mother, she just ignored the call and continued to drag the child by the hair while she was begging for forgiveness. Fortunately, several barangay tanod and officials caught the child abuser, arrested her and rescued the child who is now trembling in fear.

Barangay officials did the right thing by calling the DSWD and ask for their assistance in handling a child abuse case. Unfortunately, their calls were unheeded probably because it is a holiday and social workers were not instructed to stop whatever they are doing and attend to the task which the public is paying for.

As a result of the inability of DSWD to respond, barangay officials were left with no recourse but to sternly warn the mother and allow her to take the child home. The abuser was asking for forgiveness and begged the officials not to file any charges. Hopefully, social workers will be able to respond properly after the holiday and put the perpetrator where she belongs: the jail.

The second case happened Cagayan de Oro City where an ABS-CBN Bayan Patroller caught in video two children riding in a trunk of a car with plate number KCA-518.

Land Transportation Office (LTO) was able to trace the ownership of the car to Cristino Ansin of Barangay Balungis Balulang who denied knowing that the children were placed in the back compartment.

He claimed it was his son who put his nephews at the car trunk because there were no more spaces to accommodate them inside the car. They wanted to go to church and they don't want to leave the two children behind despite the dangers it posed.

According to transportation officials, children in the trunk may suffer lack of oxygen in cases where the door locks itself up or could get injured or die if they fall from a moving vehicle.

Just like the first case, the owner of the car is asking for forgiveness and there were no social workers from DSWD present to give their side of the story immediately. Fortunately, the public prosecutor's office does not accept everything at face value and decided to conduct their own investigation on a possibility of grave child abuse.