29 July 2014

Stop The War in Gaza

Child Victim of War
We need to put a stop to the war between the Israeli Army and the Hamas Islamist in Gaza. The tiny strip of land, of close to 2 million people living densely packed, has seen the violence inflicted on civilians.

And who among the civilians are most vulnerable and greatly affected? No doubt in most rational minds that it is the children. It doesn’t matter whether the Israelis cannot adopt a more forensic strike or identify a precise target. It is also of small concern on whether the Hamas are using civilians as human shield or not.

The bottom line is that children are suffering, both physically and emotionally. If we consider ourselves more intelligent than animals, then we should be able to determine that war does nothing good to promote child welfare and protect children’s rights.

According to a report by Jon Snow of Channel 4 News, 166 children have been killed so far and 1,310 have been injured, some of them severely. The report also described the harrowing experience of some of these children.

Nema, 2½ years old, was hit by an F-16 missile and terribly injured. Her eyes were closed by the enormity of the damage to her skull and her nose. Two round red-black saturating bruises hid her eyes.

In another attack, seven died and eight others were injured. It is not clear how many were children, but seven-year-olds Maha and Noradin were severely injured.

We need to stop this now. We need to protect the children. We need to be human beings again.