13 August 2014

10 Great Tips For Parents of Straight Children

Gay Brainwashing
"Mom, Dad, why do gays want us to join them inside camping tents." Rarely are these words met with welcoming gesture, except in the very rare instance when the parents themselves are gays or have endorsed the despicable behavior before.

The more common reactions are fear, disappointment, confusion and outright anger. But the worst is when a parent's first thought is, "how can I stopped my child from going to school outdoor activities when the instructor/adviser is a gay willing to give students a failing grade for not attending?”

This has become a serious dilemma among parents of straight children who were compelled and forced to entertain and adopt gay lifestyle in school because of the powerful gay lobby.

To address this national illness that has plague several independent and religious schools and the parents who shared those conservative beliefs, we'd like to throw you a life preserver to help you combat the dreaded immoral behavior, if and when you see fit.

You see we've learned a few tricks along the way to overcome the forced brainwashing and mind-control programs developed by the gay propaganda movement.
  1. You're not alone and you're with the majority. Sorry to sound so flippant, but it's true. We used to think that with all the gay articles in Yahoo!, they are everywhere. Well, they are not. They may be vocal and loud, but they are a minority in this world. Logic then says that if they are not everywhere, then anti-gay supporters dominate all sectors of society and they are just silently waiting for you to ask them for support.
  2. It is perfectly OK to be upset and gnashing your teeth. Like you, majority of the population in this planet spent a lot of time being upset because they are being forced to associate with gays and acknowledge their distasteful behavior. Of course, once we discovered being straight is cool then we felt better. Try considering how having a straight child makes you more unique and see how that feels.
  3. You didn't screw up. You aren't responsible for anything and you have nothing to feel guilty about. You didn't support any of the gay agenda being forced in schools and in religious gatherings. There is an existing gay master plan at work and it wants to be able to control where straight children can go camping and who they should sleep with inside a tent.
  4. It's OK to stick to your values and beliefs. Hey, if we didn't stick to our values and beliefs about who we are, then we will be abandoning what nature intended for us to do. The good news for you is you can stick to your values and beliefs, but you and the rest of society may have to sacrifice your eardrum in the process because the gay movement is loud, vulgar and doesn’t want to stop spewing about how their anus has other uses. On a positive note, if we allow them to continually having sex with the same partners, HIV-AIDS will eventually wipe them out.
  5. No billboard necessary. Ironically, not every straight person feels like shouting from the rooftops "I'm straight" because the media does not think it is more scandalous than gays doing it. Honestly, we learned to share as we saw fit, and you might as well do the same as you feel comfortable. And there's no reason to go in search of the perfect time to announce to the public how the gay agenda is forcing you to do what is against your principle, beliefs and values.
  6. As a parent, you have all the time in the world to prepare yourself in resisting the gay agenda. All the scientific reports and studies are on your side to justify why it is dangerous to everyone’s health having to follow what gay wants society to do. You, like everyone else, have a whole lifetime of formulating opinions about the ill-effect of same-sex intercourse that top the gay agenda. Something we learned is to get real with our beliefs and perceptions; when you are true to yourself and the majority of the people in this world, you will have a lot less stress than if you aren't.
  7. What others think is not about you, it's about them. Not to be crass, but anyone who can't handle the truth that you and most of the people abhor gay lifestyle doesn't matter unless you make them matter. One of the hardest human lessons to learn is that we can't be responsible for other people's journey.
  8. Being gay is obviously not white, but black as the blackest night. All gays are out only for one thing: to legitimize their lifestyle and force everyone to accept it whether they like to or not. If your child asked for help in resisting that lifestyle, then do what you can to help him or her as long as they are within the boundaries of the law.
  9. Don't isolate. Don't be ashamed to ask for help and support. There are several Christian groups and Straight Parents Association that have enormous resources within their control. Besides, how long can you hole up in the darkness of despair before you realize it's miserable and no fun following what gays are telling you to be right and wrong?
  10. Ask questions. Asking questions about straight sexuality can be scary, but not any scarier than having gays answer that for you. It's all about communication and dialogue with legitimate organizations and straight people movement. The more we ask questions and talk about how to resist the gay agenda, the sooner we can get to a place of peace and harmony.