22 September 2014

Any Updates on Raps vs Alleged Rapist Using GMA7 Car?

QCPD Kamuning
Last year, charges of abduction and attempted rape were filed against a man in Quezon City whom police had identified by tracking down the car he was using. The suspect allegedly seized his teenage victim on 1 July 2013 while using a red Honda Jazz once registered to GMA7 network.

Jose Carlo Rosales, a resident of Project 2 and a brother of a GMA employee, was positively identified by his alleged victim when the latter was shown a set of photos, according to the Quezon City Police District.

The QCPD’s Kamuning station said the minor, a 13-year-old student of Ramon Magsaysay High School in Cubao, was able to remember the license plate—ZRD-461—of the red car driven by the man who grabbed and tried to rape her on July 1.

No reports or updates were heard ever since except for this official statement from GMA7 on 5 July 2013:
”There have been recent reports of an alleged rape attempt on a 13-year old female student involving an unidentified man aboard a vehicle registered to GMA Network. GMA Network has not yet received any copy of the complaint. But the Network wishes to clarify that the ownership of the vehicle was already transferred to a female employee of a subsidiary of the Network in January 2013.

It was also mentioned in the reports that the Network’s security refused entry to the police investigators. The Network has a standard protocol concerning such matters and this was simply followed by its security personnel. The police investigators – who were then in civilian clothing and did not present any legal document pertaining to the alleged case – were denied entry into the GMA premises following security protocol. Nevertheless, upon verification, they were provided information as to the identity of the female employee. And they were even able to talk to said employee that very same day. Rest assured that the Network has been cooperating with the authorities for the speedy resolution of this issue."

Butch S. Raquel
Consultant to the Chairman and CEO for
Corporate Communications
At this time it is not clear if any monetary arrangements were made between the victim and the suspect, but it appears that some media personnel wants this issue to stay hush-hush.