02 September 2014

Did a Bar in Iloilo Overcharged American Client?

Ladies Drink
Can you and your friend really spend about twelve thousand pesos in drinks and room use inside a bar in Iloilo?

This is something that bothered many online readers when they saw a report recently tagging an American named Courtney Davis as the one who started all the trouble when he was presented with a bill amounting to PhP 12,040.

It happened in the early hours of 24 June when Davis and his Filipina girlfriend, Renavic Magbanua, went to Camp Jefferson — a nightclub along Arroyo Street in Iloilo City. They both had gone to one of the VIP rooms and consumed several "ladies drinks."

When the bill was presented, Davis questioned the calculation and refused to pay the bills unless the cost was explained to him clearly. According to club employees, he became unruly and this forced them to call in the police.

When the police arrived, Davis allegedly put up a fight and shouted, “What did I do wrong? I did nothing wrong. What did I do wrong? Nothing. What law did I break?” Apparently, this compelled the authorities to place handcuffs on him and bring him to the police station. There, Davis continued to hurl invectives at everyone.

Once again, he refused to pay the nightclub bill, saying, “Filipinos don’t follow the law. They don’t follow the law. They stole my money and I’m being arrested.”

Davis went on to say that he had already paid PhP 5,000. He wanted the management to deduct the payment from his total bill. However, it didn’t work that way, as the amount covered other charges incurred at the club.

After several hours of arguments and explanations, Davis and Magbanua finally agreed to pay the bill, but the former was still detained for alarm and scandal.

Now let’s go back to the first question, can two people really as much as twelve thousand pesos in drinks and room service inside a bar in Iloilo?