21 October 2014

Catholic Church Says No to Gays

Finally, the truth is out. No man is willing to change the law of God to suit his need and lust. Well, no Catholic man that is, which means millions of people by the last count.

That fact was clear after 200 Roman Catholic bishops, who have been discussing issues concerning the family at a special meeting known as a synod, took their final vote on a working document released on 20 October 2014.

That initial document authored by very few gay supporters tried to undermine the Church teachings and push for the acceptance of the immoral views espoused by lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBTs). Fortunately, the backstabbing attempt was discovered and when the final vote was counted, all of the bishops present voted to revise the final report and preserve the sanctity of the Church.

As a result of the vote, falsely-worded portions favouring the gays were revised. The section originally applauding the "precious support" sometimes found in same-sex unions was dropped, replaced by language simply saying that gays must be "welcomed with respect and delicacy." On the topic of remarried Catholics, the final document largely expresses the need for further study on a solution.

When attempts to change God’s teachings were discovered, the more heroic bishops vocally criticized false wordings and statement, expressing concerns that it opened the door to an abandonment of Catholic teachings. For instance, U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke spoke forcefully against the document, arguing that the synod should hold the line on its core teachings and issue a strong statement in support of them.

The synod’s final document may not be binding at this time because it was meant to serve as a guide for a year-long debate to be held in parishes around the world, but it clearly shows the unflappable stand of the Church when it meets against on October 2015 in another synod in Rome on the family.

The vote also shows that any references to gays could be considered a repudiation of God’s teachings, which had stood unaltered for centuries against the heretical influence of LGBTs.