18 October 2014

Disturbing Message on Transgender's Death

Assault Ship
The death of the transgender Filipino is a tragic incident, like any other loss of life involving innocent victims.

Jeffrey Laude, 26, was reportedly found dead, apparently strangled and drowned, beside a toilet bowl in a motel room in Olongapo city, northwest of Manila, shortly after he checked in late, allegedly with a United States Marine.

However, what was disturbing are some of the inconsistent revelations of Laude’s alleged German fiancĂ©e, Marc Suselbeck.

In Suselbeck’s letter to the media, which highlights his reaction to the murder of his boyfriend, he said that their plan was "always to marry and to start life over together." However, their attempt to secure a German visa was denied by the embassy in Manila because of suspicion that she will eventually stay illegally in the European country.

"That first time (visa disapproval) gave me the glimpse on the ongoing discrimination in the Philippines on many kind of groups," Suselbeck declared.

It’s apparent that Suselbeck is not aware of the procedure or was uninformed on what the German Embassy process is. It was the German official who denied Laude’s visa application, hence, he should not have accuses Philippines for discriminating against his boyfriend.

Filipinos may strongly disapprove any attempts to implement same-sex marriage in the country, but they will generally tolerate gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender (LGBTs). As long as the LGBTs operate within the boundaries of what Filipino’s considered as ‘decent’ they will be tolerated, even if not accepted.

On the alleged claim that maybe Jeffrey is a prostitute, Suselback claimed that: "Jennifer (Jeffrey) wasn't a prostitute. Maybe she (he) did offer that guy kind of service, but maybe not enough for him? You ever thought that? Wouldn't that fit much better to the way he murdered her (him)? As an animal who can’t accept a "No"? From such an unworthy person like a ladyboy even?"

This last statement is confusing. Let me try to put it this way. Suselbeck and Laude are planning to get married (?), but they have a prior arrangement that allows the latter to provide sexual services to other foreigners. This may not be enough to justify calling him a prostitute, but it is clear that Laude is experienced in accepting sexual favors and is interested in casual sex after a short meeting from a bar. And all of this is acceptable to Suselbeck?

Oh, well. Let’s move on to the next topic then. If this is how transgender lovers want to live their lives, then it is not worth discussing it here.