31 October 2014

Gov. Tallado Did Not Confirm Nor Deny

Governor Tallado
Is Camarines Norte Governor Edgardo "Egay" Tallado the person in the sex photos that flooded the social networking sites or not? This was the question that the governor failed to answer when he issued an ‘apology’ to his constituents.

The governor’s lawyer tried to defend his statements, but ended up making it more difficult not to believe that it was really the Tallado who was in that picture.

"Hindi po totoo na inamin ni Gov. Egay kaninang umaga sa kapitolyo na totoo ang mga pictures na lumabas sa Internet or Facebook. What he said is that he is sorry for having dragged the province in his family problem and he is also sorry because the name of Kay was also dragged in his family problem," the governor's lawyer, Atty. Adan Marcelo Botor, said.

So, why issue a public apology in the first place if he was not the person in that compromising photo? Why apologized to the woman photographed allegedly kissing a person who looked very much like the governor? Why ask his opponent to stop spreading the photo if it is not authentic in the first place? Why not allow the major network to interview him immediately after the lewd photos were leaked?

"There is no statement categorical or otherwise that Governor Egay said or even suggested that the pictures were true. To emphasize, there is no statement that Gov Egay said that the pictures in the net are true. There is even a suggestion by Egay that said pictures may have been the making of some other mindless people," the lawyer added.

Anybody understands what the legal representative was blabbering about above? Two simple questions that the governor and his lawyer failed to answer are the following:
  • Is the governor denying that he was in the photo or not?
  • Does he know who are the people in the photos or not?
Instead of answering two basic simple question, the public is being confused by trying to muddle the issue.

The lawyer said, “Hindi po totoo na inamin ni Gov. Egay ... na totoo ang mga pictures ...” This means that the photos could have been tampered with but it does not discredit the possibility that the two people in the photo are really involved in an indecent relationship.

The more the governor is trying to muddle the issue by employing legal terms and statements, the more people question his credibility. Just answer the simple questions posted above and accept the consequences of your answer.

One more thing, is the governor aware of Republic Act No. 6713 and the Civil Service Administrative Code of 1987? It is doubtful that he is because he has yet to step down from his shaky post.