14 November 2014

African-American Struggles Different From Gay's Lustful Desires

Blacks versus Gays
Proponents of same sex marriage (SSM) are spreading very misleading myth and dangerous assumption that the issue is closely linked to the Black Civil Rights Movement (BCRM) and the acceptance of interracial marriage. This is an illogical argument and nothing could be further from the truth.

The BCRM concerned the rights of people who had been enslaved and afterwards discriminated against because of their skin color and African decent, which they had no control over. This is how they were born. That is how nature willed them to be and how science equipped them genetically.

Whether one accepts or not that genetic factors play an important role in leading some people to be more likely to develop homosexual desires, it is irrefutable that homosexuality is a behavior and humans have control over their behavior.

Note that interracial marriage was banned based on unjust and unjustifiable assumptions regarding the inferiority of the members of one race. Prohibitions against same-sex marriage are rooted in assumptions regarding the inferiority of certain types of behavior, which is consistent with the observation that all human social rules are based on assumptions regarding the superiority of some types of behavior to other types of behavior.

Also, marrying someone of a different race is a broadening experience where people of different groups, even different tribes, are joined together. It is a statement that someone who has been considered the “other” is really of the same family, and so it helps to erase divides and integrate society.

Same-sex marriage, on the other hand, is the rejection of those who are different, those who are of a different gender. It is a narrowing, not broadening, experience that creates an “other” out of people of the different gender, where there was no “other” before. It divides society into men and women, and creates more mistrust and misunderstanding, not less.

Since the BCRM did not concern behavior but instead superficial immutable characteristics, efforts to redress the harm of the discrimination might properly include providing positive feedback to African-Americans on the basis of their race to balance out the history of race-based negative feedback. Based on this practice, some want to provide positive feedback to homosexuals in order to redress perceived harm from past societal attitudes toward those who engaged in homosexual behavior.

However, homosexuality is a type of behavior and generally providing positive feedback for homosexual behavior will create motivation to engage in more homosexual behavior. Positive feedback for behavior virtually always increases the incidence of that behavior. That is how animals are wired.

The current homosexual rights movement, including the same-sex marriage crusade, does not really resemble the BCRM but instead much more closely resembles Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China. The Cultural Revolution imposed an unnatural and bizarre equality on all people as it assumed that the untrained and uneducated were equal to the trained and educated.

It assumed that people who appeared to be unsuitable to a task were just as suitable as those who had traditionally performed the task. And anyone who opposed this politically correct notion of equality was seen to be in opposition to progress and justice and was required to undergo a Maoist form of “sensitivity training” so that they would adopt these beliefs and become politically correct.

Dissent, particularly among influential people, was not allowed, and anyone could be removed from their post for disputing the necessity and beauty of the politically correct notions of equality. Now that sounds familiar.