30 November 2014

Bullying in Malaysian Dormitory

A blatant display of bullying in Malaysia was shown in a social networking site, Facebook, and it is going viral.

Angry social media users urged the Malaysian authorities to investigate the incident and take action against the bullies after the YouTube video lasting almost five minutes showed a group of boys repeatedly punching and kicking another group.

It was unclear where the incident took place and who was involved, but it appears to be inside a school dormitory. It started with nine boys lining up only for their assailants to beat them helplessly.

The video was uploaded on 2 November 2014 by Zuraimi Ngah, suggesting it was a new incident.

An individual, who wore a black singlet, was the most aggressive among the lot as he was constantly punching, kicking and shoving the victims who seemed too afraid to retaliate.

At one point, one of the victim started sobbing. The boy in the black singlet pushed him to the ground and asked "Why are you crying?" before kicking him in the face.

The video, at press time, was viewed more than 10,000 times and shared more than 8,000 times on Facebook.

Police said on their Facebook page that they are investigating the incident. But what everyone wants to know is what will they do once they identified the perpetrators? Can they beat them first for 5 minutes before turning them over to the jail keeper?

In June, a video depicting a schoolgirl in Perak who was bashed up by several female schoolmates had gone viral. Following police investigations, three students were expelled from school.