27 November 2014

LGBTs Want to Crash on a Straight Party

Straight from Indiana
Every year, friends from Vincennes Lincoln High School and their parents organize a PRIVATE, formal, black-tie affair to celebrate an evening with their love ones. The Vincennes New Years Eve Ball gives them a venue to mingle with fellow students, alumni and like-minded couples, which is usually what happens in PRIVATE gatherings.

And like any other PRIVATE affair, it is an exclusive event only for the invited who wants to talk about how life was as a high-school student. This has been done for decades now and organizers want to maintain their choice of making exclusive for heterosexual couples.

As expected, the defiant minority composed of brain-dead lesbians, gays, transgender and bisexuals (LGBT) wants to be a part of it. Instead of organizing their own fly-stricken-events, they now want to intrude into a PRIVATE affair just because they want to. They don’t seem to realize that nobody wants them there, so they developed this urge to make themselves the center of attraction.

Majority of the students support the event. The Lincoln High School Super Straight Alliance, for instance, strongly agrees with the "traditional couples only" definition, perceived or policy, by tweeting "We don't cheer for queers" and #StraightPower. The voices of the majority are being silenced by the arrogant minority by creating a permanent digital trail showcasing their right to trample on anybody’s belief as long as it’s not their own. Are the gays this desperate?

Everyone in Indiana knows that the New Years Eve Ball committee is comprised of Lincoln High School senior and junior parents and students. The committee parents fund the event and regard it as a "PRIVATE party." As part of the school community, the committee utilizes high school resources such as class rosters and school facilities to organize and promote the event. They also include pictures of "traditional couples" attending the "invitation only" New Years Eve Ball are featured in the high school's annual yearbook available to all students.

However, the LGBTs argue that since they are using public resources, then they should make the party public as well. School facilities and materials are funded by State funds, which, according to LGBTs, should not be use exclusively to promote the belief of one group.

Rationally-minded people can easily see that the LGBTs are stretching it too far with those 'exclusionary and discriminatory' arguments. Maybe they should try to stop using their butts and use their heads instead. An athletic club is an exclusive club in school that uses their public facilities and equipment even if not all students are members or athletic. A science club uses chemicals and technological apparatus funded by the State even if not all students are members or are nerd enough to understand the periodic table.

It is time to change for folks to change their ways. Moving from the label "Couples Only" to "Traditional Couple Only" appear to a good start.