23 January 2015

LGBT's Unreasonable Demand from SB 3133

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One of the more controversial laws in the Philippines is Republic Act 9048 or the law that regulates the change of clerical errors entered in civil registry papers.

Under the law, clerical or typographical error or change of first name in the birth certificate of a person can now be done administratively by the local Civil Registrar or by the Consul General without the need of a judicial order. Hence, it was supposed to address the tedious and costly procedure in correcting typographical or clerical errors in an entry in the Civil Registry.

However, there are still some problems encountered when it comes to corrections the change in sex, age, nationality and status of a person.

Senate Bill 3133 filed by Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Francis "Chiz" Escudero seeks to amend the law and make it more convenient than what it already is for individuals to correct errors in spelling, dates of birth and gender without having to go through costly court proceedings.

The problem is that members of the ‘loud minority’ want, as usual, to make a mountain out of mole hill by attacking one of the bill’s provisions. Members of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBTs) want to remove one item of SB 3133 because, as they claim, it will make it more difficult for transgendered persons to legally change their genders.

Section 3 of the SB 3133 states: “Nor shall any entry involving change of gender corrected except if the petition is accompanied by a certification issued by an accredited government physician attesting to the fact that the petitioner has not undergone sex change or sex transplant.”

In essence, the bill wants to grant the medical establishment and the civil registry bureaucracy the function to determine if transgenders applying for a gender change has really undergone ‘sex change’ or ‘sex transplant.’

What’s wrong with that? Nobody should be allowed to just change their gender just because one day they woke up and decided that they want to be male or female. Is that what this ‘loud’ group wants to do? Without any medical proof or was not even tested, anybody can just clam that they want to have their gender changed?

Whoever thought that unsupervised and unregulated gender change is something that society will accept must be out of their mind. They can also shove their self-serving Yogyakarta Principle No. 19 up theirs because the government do not recognized anything of the fairy tale provisions from a flimsy a paper as a valid, legal and rationally binding commitment.