07 April 2015

Catering to LGBTs is Not Worth It

Support for Memories Pizza
Some lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) wants you to believe that if you don't serve them, your business will suffer through loss of profit. The false notion being spread around is that the LGBT community is an influential consumer group that offers a substantial purchasing power.

This is a fallacy that was proven during the fight over religious freedom and the basic right to association that exploded across the Web from an unlikely source this week: a pizza parlor in tiny Walkerton, Indiana.

a few days agoe, a news report from a local ABC affiliate concerning a Walkerton pizza restaurant and the state’s recently enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act went viral and engulfed everything that came into its path, including Yelp, Twitter, a Web hosting company, a news station, and even the Indiana state Legislature. All the while it fed the Internet’s insatiable appetite for outrage against the 'modern-day' fascism from LGBT supporters.

A battle of sort was wage to generate support to the owners of the pizzeria, on one side, and the other one for supporters of LGBT's misplaced rights.

A crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe, organized by conservative commentator Lawrence Jones III in support of Memories Pizza, raised nearly US$ 300,000 in less than 24 hours.

A competing GoFundMe campaign in support of GLBT rights was not doing nearly so well, having raised exactly US$ 0 at publication time. This is a pathetic display that proved to everyone that it is not worth supporting LGBT's misplaced rights. If they can't even raised and contribute money to support their twisted advocacy, they probably won't be able to fund and purchase anything substantial.

[Update: Thanks to a boost from conservative news sites, the GoFundMe campaign has raised exactly US$ 842,387 as of 4 April 2015, before it was closed. Another pro-GLBT fundraising campaign, started by popular podcaster Philip DeFranco in response to the controversy, had raised a measly US$ 13,000 at press time.]