10 April 2015

LGBTs Livid Over Success of Memories Pizza Fund

Go Fund Memories
Success comes with it jealousy and hate. This is what the owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana learned after the astounding show of support for their stand on religious freedom. The success of the donation drive to help shop’s owners, Crystal and Kevin O’Connor, has made the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) coven livid and besides themselves.

laze TV reporter Lawrence Billy Jones III started the ball rolling by setting up a GoFundMe page to benefit the O’Connors, with an initial goal of raising US$25,000 “to relieve the financial loss endured by the proprietors’ stand for faith.“

Within three hours of the site going live on 1 April 2015, over US$ 30,000 poured in; and within three days, the total crested over US$ 840,000. However, as expected, the homofascist crowd are not happy to see the O’Connors financially rewarded for staying true to their Christian beliefs regarding gay marriage.

As reported by Western Journalism, the O’Connors had been forced to close their pizzeria following multiple death threats and harassment against their business. The Christian owners had simply told a local reporter that, while they would gladly serve anyone in their restaurant, they would not want to cater a gay wedding.

When the success of the fundraising campaign in support of the O’Connors became known, Blaze reporter Jones had liberal hatred directed against him too. The Washington Posts reports Jones saying:
"We’ve had to increase security. They were sending death threats towards me and my mother. All of our hosts were getting threats. This stuff has really gotten ridiculous. Just from us responding and saying, ‘Let’s just create the account.’ The backlash has been unbelievable."
Jones sent a message that the donations were closed, with a grand total of US$ 842,442 raised for ‪‎Memories Pizza‬.

There is little doubt, given how quickly the money was coming in, the site could have raised over US$ 1 million within another day or so. Jones told the Post that they only stopped receiving donations because Blaze TV host Dana Loesch had announced a time limit on air. Over 29,000 people had stood in the gap for the pizzeria, giving donations ranging from US$ 10 to US$ 100 for the most part. The average donation was US$ 29.

One liberal sought to discredit this genuine outpouring of support by claiming it was some sort of right wing conspiracy being funded by the Koch Brothers–but the numbers speak for themselves, at least when you do the math correctly, which the critic failed to do.

Kandyce Brothers took to Twitter writing that the account raised US$ 840K with almost 30,000 donors. “Do the math,” Brothers exhorted; that would mean each gave “US$ 29,000.” Brothers was only three decimal places off from the US$ 29 average donation amount. If this is how the LGBT supporters tried to pad their numbers to gather sympathy, then it is obvious that they did a poor job doing it.
Kandyce Brothers' Math
Math, like truth can be a cruel and stubborn thing.

Meanwhile, two GoFundMe accounts initiated as counter-campaigns to Memories Pizza’s success have failed to catch on in the same fashion. ChicksOnTheRight reports:
"According to that sourcelink, one LGBT activist, Jason Nguyen, launched a counter-campaign called “Love Is Stronger Than Hate.” The goal is set at US$ 1 million, (they obviously need to rake in more than Memories Pizza) and they need to reach that goal to prove that “efforts to advance civil rights can win more support than those seeking to curtail them.” He plans to give all the donations to the nonprofit Human Rights Campaign. “It’s now critical that the LGBT community and allies prove that discrimination against minorities has no place in modern society," Nguyen said."
As of 6 April 2015, the campaign had only US$ 570 in two days from 19 donors. This is simply pathetic enough to make everyone cringe with pity.