15 May 2015

Two Pinoy Gay Nurses Caught in the Act

Baklang Nurse
Nurses are supposed to be caregivers who are expected to treat people with respect and dignity and must maintain a high level of trust.

Unfortunately, there were two gay nurses who believed that they are above all that and decided that can perform a sexual act near a 98-year-old patient living in San Diego. A video obtained exclusively by San Diego 6 caught them red-handed.

The gay nurses, Russel Torralba and Alfredo Ruiz, masturbated and groped each other at the foot of the woman's bed, according to public records. At times, one of the despicable gays stroked the patient's hand while being fondled, or appeared to bend down and kiss her.

The footage first released publicly by San Diego is from 3 March 3 and 11 March 2011. However, family members have discovered instances of lewd acts almost daily starting 27 February of that same year, according to public records and family attorney William Berman.

"I myself couldn't believe it," said Berman, who added it was the most shocking case of elder abuse he's seen in 15 years of practice in that specialty.

The two gays were sentenced on 11 May 2015 to 325 (Ruiz) and 365 (Torralba) days in jail after they pleaded guilty to a felony charge of inflicting mental suffering on an elder. Judge Timothy Walsh sentenced both defendants to the maximum custody under a plea bargain and placed them on probation for five years.

Ruiz’s attorney, Dan Greene, said his client was ashamed of his conduct, which the attorney agreed was “indecent, immoral and absolutely wrong.”

Greene said Ruiz has “shamed” his two young children by his aberrant behavior, in what the attorney called a “tremendous fall from grace.”

"He has lost everything," Greene said of his client.

The woman’s daughter suspected that her mother was not being cared for properly and complained to the defendants’ employer. When the complaints went nowhere, family members viewed video from security cameras that had been installed in the woman’s home years earlier.

Eduardo Deicas, the victim’s grandson, said the defendants also placed his grandmother — who’s now 102 – naked against a window and that Torralba was seen in her room parading around in a towel.

"Will probation for these two animals really do justice?" the grandson asked.

Ariela Deicas chastised the defendants for putting her grandmother’s life at risk.

"How dare you hold a nursing license and mock the nursing profession," the granddaughter told the defendants. "As a family, we’re torn apart emotionally."

As part of probation, the defendants are barred from seeking employment as caregivers in any capacity, the judge said.