03 June 2015

Another Attempt To Promote Gayness Thwarted

Protection from Gays
What is it about gay people who insist that they "spread" information about their twisted sexuality with people who really don't give a damn?

It is not hard to imagine that most people are already aware who are the gays in the crows. If the a person is a 'straight,' would he/she have felt compelled to share this news? Doubtful indeed.

Fortunately, there are still eagle-eyed school officials like principal Buchmann of Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School that was able to block a student's attempt to spread vile and false information.

Colorado senior Evan Young was a model student. He finished his high school career with an impressive 4.5 GPA and a scholarship to Rutgers University, and he was named the High School valedictorian. However, he did not want to repay the school's respect for his achievement and tried to give a speech about his sexual orientation publicly for the first time during the graduation.

Principal Buchmann and the school board stopped Young from infecting the minds of those who will attend the ceremony. They also issued a statement saying that it was well within its rights to censor Young’s speech in order to "protect the solemnity of the evening and to preserve and protect the mission of the school," adding that "references to personal matters of a sexual nature ... are never appropriate for a speech at a graduation ceremony."

The school’s attorney, Barry Arrington, added that "[Graduation] is not a time for a student to use his commencement speech to push his personal agenda on a captive audience."

Now I guess this gay will be needing psychiatric care and will be requiring that the school pay for it. This silliness has to stop. Gays do not help their cause by 'shoving themselves and their sexuality down others throats.'

Young need not share his 'gayness' just is not necessary at such a function. There will be children present yet he has no care about what he would be subjecting them to at such a young impressionable age. Maybe that's how he define 'respect'.

The questions these children should not be asking after the event should not include" Mama, what does being gay mean"? Clinton subjected America's children to this kind of thing when he forced the 'oral sex' issue upon unsuspecting parents didn't he. Well the whole nation now knows that this kid is gay. I guess that is what he wanted all along.

Commenter: you are missing the point of this "shoving down throat" issue. It isn't that parents are afraid their impressionable children will become gay; it's that parents want to talk about sex on their own timetable, being sensitive to not burdening their children with information they do not need and may not be ready for.

In the olden days, psychologists recognized a period of "latency" in the last couple of years before puberty, when children weren't interested in sexual matters. Now with all the unavoidable reminders of uncaring people like Young surrounding them, there is little chance for children to enjoy this latency period.