09 June 2015

Another Russian Living Barbie Doll

Russian Barbie
The Russian Barbie Doll, Valeria Lukyanova, will soon find out that her country is keeping another doll-like model inside their borders. A second Russian human Barbie is in town!

Meet Angelica Kenova a 26-year-old Russian model who says her parents have treated her like a doll since the day she was born.

"Growing up, my parents raised me like a princess and never let me go out, date boys or have the usual adult experiences. As a result, I am not fit for real life—I'm like a living doll," the Moscow native tells News.Au.Com. "My mum and dad have been overprotective all my life. Some parents practically chuck their child out of the family home when they reach the age of 18 but not mine."

Angelica's Barbie obsession began at a very early age. "When I turned six, my mum started buying me collectible Barbie dolls and enthusiastically dressing me up like one," she explained. "My mother loved Barbie's slender beauty, golden curls, cute face and beautiful clothes. My mother inspired me and urged me to be exactly the same. I would pose in the mirror for hours and put on performances for my parents' friends. Everyone nicknamed me the 'Russian Barbie.'"

Angelica says she maintains her tiny, doll-like figure by abiding to a strict diet and working out multiple times a week. And believe it or not, she says she's never had plastic surgery!

"Now I am very happy with my appearance," she says. "Like Mary Poppins says, it is a bliss to know that I am practically perfect in every way!"

Angelica is beyond proud of her nickname.

"Since I was a child, my parents styled me as a ‘Barbie' so I'm glad that I'm equated to one—Barbie is the idol of girls around the world," Angelica adds. "My parents are so proud of me today and they encourage my modeling work."