10 June 2015

Funny Take on Jenner's Transformation

Bruce Jenner Meme
In the U.S. you can be whoever you want to be. That is the essence of freedom there even if it will cost them immorality and increasing cases of deviant sexual behavior.

In the case of Bruce Jenner's transformation, many mindless and irrational people are trying to evolve themselves into something that they biologically cannot. The argument is that if, somebody as old as Jenner can earn money for publicizing their lives as a walking molds of clay that possess a female breast and a male reproductive organ, then why can't they.

The enlightenment has spurned several comment posters to imagine a parody that depicts the state of mind of several liberal and mentally-disabled individuals. Two of those posters are considered hilarious and seriously truthful.

The first one came from somebody who called himself Dayo13. He said:

"I identify as The Hulk. I know in my heart I am The Hulk though I am trapped in a human body. I demand to be allowed to come to work wearing ripped purple pants, a ripped shirt, or no shirt depending on my mood, and covered in green body paint. Furthermore I will only communicate in grunts, growls, or the occasional "Hulk smash." It is up to you to adapt to my condition, not the other way around. Furthermore work must provide a beater car for me that I can go and smash during my lunch breaks. I wouldn't want to do it on the clock. That would be stealing. When dining out, no shoes, no shirt, no service does not apply to me as that is discrimination.

Speaking of discrimination if anyone says something I disagree with I will have to file a complaint as I being the only green one around am the obvious victim regardless of any so-called facts, or truth. Adding to that if someone commits a crime against me it will also automatically be a hate crime since I being The Hulk am a minority. Also if some group decides they want to have an event such as a parade I have every right to force my way into it to display my Hulk pride.

Finally, if I ever join the military, or am placed in jail then these organizations must spend tax money for gamma radiation research so that they can complete my human to The Hulk transformation. Anyone who disagrees with me is a Hulkaphobe.


The Hulk uses whatever bathroom it wants."
Another one named J said:

"I identify as a poodle. I know that genetically I am a human but have always known that I am comfortable expressing as a poodle.

I don't want special treatment. I just want the same rights as other poodles. I want to pee on bushes at the park, walk around without ridiculous things on me called clothes, and most importantly I want to be able to greet everyone by sniffing their crotch or butt without it resulting in my arrest.

I also know that with the proper grooming and training, I can take home Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Show. Of course I don't feel this way, but as a counselor, I do know that there are people who identify as various animals or as children, even though they are chronologically adults.

I guess the question is "why are we being forced to accept transgender people to operate as they identify and not others who identify with being a pony or the Queen of England?"

I don't mind a transgender person expressing as he or she chooses. I do not want to accept their lifestyle. I do not want them to dictate when it is appropriate to break societal boundaries based on age or gender such as girls volleyball team, male bathrooms, the age restriction on becoming an officer in the Airforce, etc. I have no fear that transgender citizens are out to hurt our kids or do something sinister, but I do not appreciate being forced to give up my rights to go to a bathroom for women with someone who only FEELS like one.

Obviously gender specific bathrooms must be important if transgenders are fighting to be able to use a specific bathroom. So then, why should my daughters be made to feel uncomfortable?

People are looking at Bruce Jenner with his plastic surgery and team of make-up artists, hair stylists, and photoshopped crew and think it isn't that bad. But remember, a transgender may be a 6'9 bulky man putting himself in a dress with size 17 shoes. My child is going to know that is not a biological woman. Once a legal precedence is set, it would be discriminatory to not allow the same rights of others to identify and operate as something they are not.

If I want to become a Supreme Court justice despite the fact that I do not qualify, but FEEL like I am just as qualified, will people accommodate me? I know a guy who has mommy issues and wants to breastfeed from women so he can get the maternal nurturing he missed as a child. Shall we allow this 32 year old man to breastfeed on a willing woman in public with no cover?

Its not sexual, its cathartic to him. Women feel they should be able to pull out their breasts in public with no cover (look women, I breastfed all three of my kids and did not have to do it at the dinner table at Olive Garden. I excused myself to a private area and when I could not get to a private area, I used a lightweight cover. NO BIG DEAL) and men feel they should be able to operate as the person they feel like being, so lets combine those scenarios.

Maybe the woman will change the grown man's diapers in the women's restroom too. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the idea of a grown ass 60+ man with wrinkles and loose skin getting female breasts implanted into him and posing in lingerie on vanity fair and being likened to Jessica Lange is ridiculous to me too. I believe in the protection and integrity of all people, even if their lifestyle is not conventional or does not fit my religious beliefs. However do not force me to give up my rights."