04 June 2015

Wheaties Could Not Have Said It Better

As a result of the iconic 1977 Wheaties box (above), General Mills and the Bruce Jenner male persona are inexorably linked. And the company's appropriate reaction when called for comment on Jenner's transformation into Caitlyn was hailed by many.

"Bruce Jenner continues to be a respected member of Team Wheaties," a GM spokesperson told TMZ.

Then, when the TMZ reporter pointed out that Caitlyn is using her female name now and offered the spokesperson an easy out for the first statement, the company doubled down on its message: "We stand by our statement."

Many supported the statement and said that there is no reason to change it. Wheaties put then Bruce Jenner, man, husband, father, athlete on the cover of their cereal box as the Athlete that kids wanted to be and that's what cereal boxes represent.

The company did not put a mentally disable transgender on the box to show children that they can grow a breast, have an erection and be whoever they want to be on any given day.

Bruce Jenner is the one on the 17977 box and nothing anyone can do will change that, that is not Caitlyn on the cover. Bruce can have what ever transformation he wants but he cannot change the fact that Bruce Jenner, the man, is on the cover.

This doesn't mean that Wheaties mean any ill well towards Caitlyn now but the transgender did not win any Olympic medals or even participate in any Olympics, correct? Bruce did it as a man.