18 July 2015

Nobody Wants To Be With Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner and Family
Bruce Jenner may look like he is happy after he transformed himself into a "Queen of Old Age", but RadarOnline.com has learned that the people around her are starting to avoid her obvious dual personality. Son Brody and the rest of the Jenner kids are currently feuding with him, as Radar reported, and now sources say that several members of the Kardashian clan are turning against him too.

"Caitlyn (Bruce) is so far removed from the person that she (he) was prior to the transition that some of her (his) step-daughters cannot even stand to be around her (him) right now," a "Keeping up with the Kardashians" family insider claims.

According to the source, after the 65-year-old star of the upcoming reality docuseries "I Am Cait" revealed his new identity on the cover of Vanity Fair at the beginning of this month, "He is living for the spotlight now, whereas he always used to hate it."

"It is really making people wonder about his intentions because he does not even acknowledge his past life anymore," says the source.

As Radar previously reported, Caitlyn and his son, Brody Jenner, 31, are currently feuding because of the comments that he made in the Vanity Fair interview about Brody and his siblings not wanting to partake in the upcoming docuseries.

"Brody just doesn’t want to be a part of the publicity circus," the source said, adding that if the two don't come to a mutual agreement that he will not be attending the upcoming ESPYs, where he will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage award. It is not certain why he was being honored for being courageous when nobody can even identify anything noteworthy that he did. And if he did something, was it really through his act of courage or selfish agenda?

To make matters worse, last 12 June, the newly-transitioned reality superstar took to Twitter to share his sentiments about his ex-wife of 23 years, Kris Jenner, by tweeting, "Reading the VF article reminded me of the love & good times Kris & I shared for so many years. Wouldn't trade that time for anything!"

"Following his post, several of her daughters reached out to him to try and soothe over tensions, but Caitlyn does not want anything to be remedied," the insider says.

"he says that he has kept his mouth shut for far too long and he refuses to be silenced anymore."