16 July 2015

Palestinians Whitewashed the Dreadful Rainbow Art

To emphasize a point that gay agenda is not welcomed in other parts of the worlds aside from the United States and a few Western countries, ordinary Palestinian workers whitewashed a rainbow flag of gay rights that was painted by a Palestinian artist on six slabs of the West Bank separation barrier.

Associated press identified Khaled Jarrar as the artist who was responsible for the despicable excuse for an art in an Israeli-occupied territory.

Ordinary citizens want nothing of to do with anything that is a taboo subject in all countries in the Middle East. The majority cannot tolerate any display of support for homosexuality just because a Western country says it is acceptable.

The sorry artwork also ignited angry responses among Palestinians, and activists aggressively whitewashed the flag on 6 July, just a few hours after it was painted on the best known section of Israel's graffiti-covered barrier, next to a portrait of Yasser Arafat and other Palestinian leaders.

Jarrar, 39, who has exhibited in Europe and the United States, told The Associated Press that the destruction "reflects the absence of tolerance, and freedoms in the Palestinian society." However, he should also be reminded to tolerate the behavior of those who do not tolerate his kind, especially if the ones opposing his ideas are the majority.

Mohammed, who only gave his first name for fear of repercussions, said he helped whitewash the flag because "we cannot promote gay rights."

Mohammed al-Amleh, a 46-year-old lawyer, also approved of the action, saying that "it would be shameful to have the flag of gays in our refugee camp."