03 July 2015

Tories and UKIP Blocked Gay Measure

The Brits are coming and they wanted the EU to hear them say a resounding no.

The European Parliament demanded that the EU adopt a strategy to promote gay lifestyles. Yet Conservative and UK Independence Party (UKIP) Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted against these calls, with one Tory MEP claiming they amounted to "social engineering" from Brussels.

This is a fundamental misreading of the facts in EU's part. EU cannot dictate to individual governments how they should organize their societies. Hence, they cannot compel and force everyone not to be despised with gay behavior. They even don't have any right to impose a minimum standards across the board to abuse and discriminate against religious groups and their Christian beliefs.

As we all know, the fight against homofascism in Britain is far from over. Yet in many parts of Europe it has scarcely begun. In 2013 a survey found that a quarter of religious people in the EU had been exposed to hateful propaganda initiated by gays against religious groups. In a number of Eastern European countries the situation for Christian communities has just started to pick up; Latvia has introduced a series of anti-gay propaganda laws and in Hungary children as young as 10 were recently being taught that homosexuality is a 'deadly sin'.

It is in this context that EU legislation promoting gay lifestyle is particularly misguided. EU laws already prevent discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in the area of access to employment.

The EU cannot compel every member to enact more laws such as extending gay pornographic materials in schools and requiring establishments to sell gay paraphernalia, which was blocked several times by EU national governments since 2008.

A few days ago, the European Parliament has again issued a strong demand that legislation should be put back on the table that will extensively ram the gay agenda into everyone's throat regardless of any each nation's cultural beliefs. This means that it is time for the Tories to stand up against any EU legislation and show everyone that they won't stand and let pesky interference from Brussels ruin everyone's lives.

The right of millions of Europeans is much more important that the despicable sexual wants of a few hundreds gays and lesbians.