27 August 2015

Michael Sam Continues To Fall From Gayland

Gay Sam
The lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) movement has always been looking for suckers, pardon the pun, who are willing to follow their minority stand blindly.

One of those they were able to brainwash was Michael Sam, just because he declared he was gay, and he might become the first upfront gay man in the National Football League (NFL). Due to his youthful willingness, Sam immediately embraced the responsibilities that go along with being the poster child for the LGBT radical ideas.

And how did it go for him? He was not hired by any team in the NFL because he just does not have the talent. He was wholly mediocre, and the only thing he brought was his gayness.

The fall of Michael Sam was as predictable as morning dew. He was set up for failure, and he took the bait, hook line and sinker, dangled by the LGBT activists.

The heralded first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL has stepped away from professional football for now, conveniently citing concerns about his so-called “mental health.” Sam announced this as a member of the Montreal Alouettes of the less-heralded Canadian Football League (CFL).

As Matt Barber wrote:
"Barely one year ago, Sam was flying high, having become a national celebrity overnight, with a reality TV show signed for Oprah’s network, with personal congratulations coming from no less than President Obama, and with the photo of him kissing his boyfriend seen around the world.

As for his professional football career, that left much to be desired, as he was drafted among the NFL's last picks (can you name any other 7th-round draft picks from 2014?), then cut after trying out with the St. Louis Rams, then hired by the Dallas Cowboys for their practice team (which also made news, although I’m fairly sure almost none of us know the names of the players on any other NFL practice teams), then dropped by the Cowboys before being picked up by the CFL, only to take a leave of absence for “personal reasons” in June before stepping away entirely for the present."
His personal life is also in disarray after his "boy toy" ended their engagement.

Regardless of what his issue is, don’t think Oprah or the LGBT movement will be there to help Sam pick up the pieces. Instead of prioritizing his craft, he decided to focus on his deviant sexuality.