16 August 2015

We Need More Krisel Mallari

Krisel Mallari
This country needs more people like Krisel Mallari, a salutatorian of the Sto. NiƱo Parochial School (SNPS), whose graduation speech video (see below) became viral after school authorities rudely interrupted her.

At one point, a teacher is seen in the video seemingly handing Mallari a paper for her to read, instead of what she was delivering.

In an interview with ABS-CBNNews.com, Mallari confirmed that the speech she delivered during the graduation rites was different from the one approved by school authorities.

Mallari said she knew that the teachers would not approve the speech containing what she really wants to say — which is about an alleged cheating incident in the school — that's why she did not have it checked by school authorities.

"May freedom of speech naman po di ba?" Mallari said.

Mallari's sister, Katherine, explained that even before the graduation rites, they had been asking the school to release the computation of Krisel's grades for the sake of transparency.

However, she said that the school just kept on shrugging off their requests.

"Limang araw pabalik-balik 'yung dad ko para kunin ang computation," Katherine said, stressing that they are not asking for the computation of grades for the sake of school competition, but for transparency.

At this time, the school has not confirmed if there were really flaws in their system. What is clear is that officials are still in denial that there is a need to improve how they process the computation of grades.

Hopefully, Mallari brave front will make school officials more conscious and transparent on how they reward deserving students.

Mallari's full uninterrupted speech is shown below: