23 September 2015

Another Lesbian Longing for Sexual Attention

Lesbian Attention
Another member of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) is trying to get the attention of everyone to gain popularity and maybe get noticed when she wore a hateful and discriminatory shirt in school.

Ms. Brianna Popour, a South Carolina teen, is trying to mock her school and make everyone in her class uncomfortable by wearing a shirt that says, “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian.”

Fortunately, the school administrator was alert enough to send Ms. Popour home from school after she refused to change her T-shirt — which was deemed “offensive and distracting” and in violation of the school’s dress code.

Ms. Popour should learn by now if she is paying attention in class that it is inappropriate in a school setting for a student to wear clothes that display their sexual orientation or their sexuality. It would be just as inappropriate for a student to wear a T-Shirt that says "Nobody knows I'm a Virgin" or "Nobody Knows I'm NOT a Virgin" or "Nobody Knows I Cuddle on the First Date" or "Nobody Knows I'm Easy."

Her "Keep Calm and Kiss Girls" is equally inappropriate as would be a "Boy Crazy" or "Girl Crazy" shirt. Or a shirt that reads "I'm just a big YES waiting to happen!"

“I was told to change my shirt or go home, so I went home because I wasn’t going to allow him to tell me I can’t wear a shirt that shows who I am,” the 18-year old girl tells Yahoo Parenting through a Facebook message, apparently referring to either the principal or assistant principal of Chesnee High School in Chesnee.

Again, why is it that minorities especially this alleged lesbian think that rules do not apply to them. It is against school policy and that's it. The parents (who cannot be doing very much parenting) should be the first to tell her this is not appropriate for school.

Why does anyone feel that they just have to tell everyone what their sexual preference is? No reason whatsoever except to brag and become somebody that everyone is talking about because they were featured in a gay-oriented site like Yahoo! Maybe the parents are just like her and feel they can do as they please. Pathetic what the US has become.

Maybe the rest of the school should wear shirts saying "We don't care if you are a lesbian, get over yourself" but then that would give her the attention she wants.