25 September 2015

Pope Starts Move Against Gays

Pope in US
It widely known that Pope Francis has long scorned policies that promote gay lifestyle (i.e. gay marriage) and he has taken the cudgels as the Catholic Church slowly moves against them in a more subtle manner.

It will start during his US visit 22-27 September, which will definitely not include a meeting with LGBT Catholics, nor will Catholics who affirm gay love be given any voice in the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. That is the primary purpose of his trip: deny the LGBT any chance to attract attention to their horrid sexual fantasies.

Despite this exclusion, no public protests are planned by LGBT groups as had occurred when Pope John Paul II visited New York in 1979 and 1995 and San Francisco in 1987, and when Pope Benedict XVI was in New York in 2008. Any planned protest will definitely backfire against the gays since the present Pope is considered as one of the most respected and influential person in this present time.

"We’re just doing media," said Jeff Stone, a spokesperson for Dignity USA and secretary of the New York chapter of the LGBT Catholic group. "The crowds are going to be so enormous we’d be lost in them."

In short, any protest that the LGBT will organize will most probably be condemned and attacked by traditional and religious groups who are loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The White House has made it a point to invite some out gay representatives to its reception for the pope, but this gathering of a thousand people on the lawn is not an opportunity for dialogue and the invited gays has not yet decided if it would be worth the trip.

In addition to these rejections, the arch-conservative archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles J. Chaput, ordered that the Equally Blessed Coalition, of which Dignity is a part, be evicted from its planned meeting at a Catholic church during the families’ conference, objecting to a planned New Ways Ministry workshop on gender identity there. The Coalition has been denied the opportunity to host a table at the conference, though some individuals from the Coalition will attend. The Equally Blessed gathering had to be relocated to a nearby Methodist church.

The Pope has been more upfront about his contempt for transgender people, despite making time to meet with one. The Vatican just ruled that it is "impossible" for a transgender person to be a godparent at a baptism, announcing in response to a Spanish transgender applicant that he has an "attitude opposite to the moral imperative of solving the problem of sexual identity according to the truth of one’s own sexuality." He also used a "nuclear weapons" analogy in attacking what he sees as the evil of "gender theory."