06 October 2015

Church Fired "Charamsa the Gay"

Charamsa the Gay
The fight for religious freedom and the right to get rid of undesirables in a religious institutions continues all over the world. The latest of which occurred in Vatican after the Catholic Church dismissed a Polish priest from his Holy See job after he allegedly came out as a pedophile gay.

Former monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, a theologian, had worked at the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's doctrinal arm, since 2003, and taught theology at pontifical universities in Rome, which have also dismissed him.

Charamsa also called for changes in Catholic teachings against homosexual activity on the eve of a major Church meeting on the family.

The Vatican said his actions were aimed at subjecting the synod, which Pope Francis opens last 4 October, to "undue media pressure". He presided at prayer vigil for the synod before a few people in St Peter's Square.

The 43-year old pretender told Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper and Polish media that he was gay and had a partner. The Church teaches that homosexuality is not a sin but homosexual activity is, and priests, whether heterosexual or gay, take vows of celibacy.

Charasma followed up his media interviews with a packed news conference with his partner and gay activists at a Rome restaurant. They had planned a demonstration in front of the Vatican but changed the venue several hours before it was due to have started.

He also revealed plans for a book about his 12 years at the heart of a Vatican bureaucracy only just recovering from a scandal under previous pope Benedict XVI over the influence of a "gay lobby" among senior clergy.

The Vatican said the dismissal had nothing to do with Charasma's reflections on his personal life, which it said "merit respect".