15 October 2015

Justice Should Be Swift for Child Abusers

Child Protection
Adults who hurt and abuse children should be instantly dealt with - harshly. No ifs and buts. And this should be the case with the suspect who attacked two children with a hammer in Sogod, Cebu last 7 July.

This poor excuse for a human being should not be given any chance to breath an extra day of air, much less see another flicker of light after sending the two minors in critical condition.

The siblings, aged eight and six, were playing in the house of their neighbor Carlos Bracero in Barangay Lubo when the incident happened.

The victims were playing with the Bracero's nephew when he allegedly attacked them with a hammer.

According to the aunt of the victims, the suspect earlier threatened to kill the children's parents. The reason for his seeming anger towards the family is unclear, but whatever it is, his despicable act should not be left unpunished.

The victim have underwent operations on their skulls and are currently being treated at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. Because of the burden they have to endure, the family of the poor children is asking for help.

Frustrated murder charges have been filed against Bracero at the Danao City Regional Trial Court. Hopefully, justice will be served on him by his cell mates or the prison guards to spare this country the much-needed taxpayers money.