29 October 2015

Sam Smith Proves Being Gay is a Choice

Sam Smith
After coming out as a gay a few months ago, Sam Smith now chooses to be a straight and most probably for good given the beauty he is dating.

During the James Bond Spectre premiere, Smith looked more handsome than ever with the singer going all out in a smart tux as he was joined on the red carpet by a host of female pals.

However, the 23-year-old has proved that despite his fancypants new look, he is still a passionate straight man after some old good woman's embrace as he rounded off the classy night with a romantic trip to McDonalds alongside his pal, Tiffany Clare.

And by the looks of things, they really went all out on their order.

Save a McNugget for us, eh Sam?

Captioning the pic of himself and Tiffany draped around each other at the fast food chain, Sam wrote: "McRomance", before sharing a snap of Tiff in her gorgeous blue gown, laden with McDonalds' bags, and quipping that he is "straight" for her.

The star wrote: "IM STRAIGHT STRAIGHT STRAIGHT FOR THIS GIRL @tiffany.clare".

Well, she is blimmin’ gorgeous.

The fun-filled antics come as it is reported that Sam is planning to take some time out of the limelight to focus on his love life and personal life, telling ET Online: "I've been playing now for three years nonstop. And it feels right for me to just go home and live my life — just be a 23-year-old."